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Friday, 11 December 2009

Day 11 of the Advent Season

Named Bracelets
To make these bracelets as personalized as possible I not only spelt their names but the beads colours were picked to relate to the girls birth stones and the flower that represents their month of birth.
For instance the eldest birthstone is opal which is an iridescent gem normally represented by the colour white. The flower that represents her month of birth is the calendula plant (also known as pot marigold). Its flowers are generally bright yellow/ bright orange.
My youngest birth stone is ruby so the colour red was a no brainer. Her birth month's flower turned out to be two, the water lily or larkspur, being as the water lily comes in many different colours, I decided to go with the larkspur which is blue. Oh, just in case you are wondering why there is an extra red bead in the little one's bracelet, its because I was a letter 'H' short (thankfully she hasn't noticed) I'll get more of those beads next time I'm in town.
On the right is the bible story I read to the girls today.

I made this book marker (book thong) for a friend, I have plans to make a few more for my blogshop.

Here is today's Trini Christmas tune, this one's melody is influenced by the locally produced calypso music which is more associated with our carnival season. The song tells the story of some of the preparations that are associated with Christmas and the loving merry feelings everyone is filled with at that time of the year, he then goes on to describe how 'he feeling to fete', something Trinis know how to do well, IE: Fete.....A party, loud music, lots to eat and drink, dancing to wee hours of the morning.

Rikki Jai - Neighbour Neighbour


  1. Hi Kella..I love what you are doing with your girls..It's so nice to keep up traditions. I didn't comment yesterday as my comp crashed whilst loading the music so i didn't get to listen to that either but today's has played just fine.

    Loving the snow falling on your blog by the way :-)

  2. Hi Tanya, its been fun introducing this side of Christmas with my girls, hopefully they'll cherish it enough to pass it on to their kids if they have them or at the very least want to start memorable traditions of their own.

    The snow does make me smile and feel all christmassy every time I sign on, the kids like it too but of course this make them long for it even more now but I'm not yet ready for that side of winter.

  3. I'm sure your advent calendar is going to be a long standing tradition in your house from now on. I can't wait to see what other treasures you've created for your girls.



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