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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year 2010 & My 1st Blogshop's Giveaway

Well we had a grand time with the extended family over the Christmas get together, which was spent in South West London.

Lots of merriment, lots of eating a little drinking, ridiculously late nights/ they could be rightly called early morning bedtimes and simply enjoying each other company.

At any one time over the four days there was a constant fluctuating of numbers from 14 to as much as 21 people, with age ranges from 3yrs to an elder in her eighties.

My family absolutely adore Christmas and this year was another great one and even those who could not be with us physically were able to be there virtually using the Internet. Hopefully next year if everyone can make it would be even bigger and better.

So with this in mind roll on 2010 as there are more family get togethers to plan and to execute.

To help celebrate the New Year with all of you out there I'd like to let you know of my
Blogshop's 1st ever Giveaway, the rules are all explained there, so hope you'll take part and spread the word.

Anyway this is my last posting of the year 2009, I feel kinda sad all of a sudden but excited at the same time for the year ahead.

So I would like to wish everyone,
and a great growing season to all the gardeners out there as well.


  1. Happy New Year Kella.....hope it all goes well for you!!

  2. Many Happy New Years to you and your Family Kella.
    See you in 2010.

  3. Oh Kella, I wanted to come back and say, 'You have been one of my presents this year'. Thank you so much!

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family Kella. It's been a pleasure getting to know you as a friend via our blogs. xx

  5. Tanya, wishing you and yours a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!too and thanks again for the shout out.

    Mangocheeks, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! to you and your hupbby and thanks for re-awakening my love for cooking, your blog was a gift to me as well this year, thanks again for all your lovely recipes and inspirations.

    Maureen, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! to you and your lovely family. Thank you for reaching out when you did, it help me to have faith in human kindness again.

    Virtual hugs all round {{hugs & xxx}}.

  6. Hi kella,

    thanks for adding me to your blogroll...Ive also added you to mine so i can keep up with you.
    You have some delicious looking recipes that Im dying to try (especially tomarto tart) What a fab way to use toms!
    I have my name down for an allotment (7th on the list) Hoping I'll get it this yr sometime. It will be my first attempt at growing my own...very scary but exciting too!

  7. Hi again Mama Syders,

    thanks for popping back again and for adding me to your blogroll.

    I'm gald you find some of the recipes inspiring, you must let me know how the tomato tart turns out, when you get a round to trying it.

    I'll be allotment gardening for the first time this year, and though I have been vege gardening for a while now I still understand the scarry feelings involved in the maintaing an allotment. I hope you get your hands on a plot this year too.



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