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Friday, 4 December 2009

Day 4 of the Advent Season

Japanese Homemade Fans

I made these fans with tracing paper and cutouts from Japanese themed scrapbook paper. I searched for the Japanese translation of my girls names and wrote it onto the central paper strip of their fans, a couple of wooden beads with Japanese symbols complete the keepsakes.
This of course prompted my youngest to want to watch the Disney movie Mulan, why? Because she has a fan too, of course!
The bible the story I read to them today is pictured on the left.

Female Green Woodpecker seen from a bedroom window

We cracked open the first bottle of 2009 chutneys tonight at dinner and from the half empty bottle in the picture I think we could safely say it was delicious, here is a link to when I made this batch.

Well tomorrow is the girls last drama class for the year, so I'm hoping to get at least one allotment visit on Saturday the 12th before Christmas, to get some early winter digging done, hopefully the weather will be kind to me.


  1. We hve had a few birds in the garden, had been expecting waxwings from last year, but we don't have any apples in this tree this year, so disappointed. Good to see you've has a green woodpecker visit.

    The fans are lovely. You must have been delighted to pop open your first chutney and taste your hard work.

  2. Sorry to hear your apple tree won't be attracting the waxwings, gosh i would love to see one of those.

    My apple tree is almost through with its apples and its so early in the season, so I don't expect any visits from the migrating thrush family members like fieldfares and redwings which we have had in the past.

    The girls loved their fans and my eldest has been practicing to write her name in Japenese ever since.

    The chutney was sooooo gooood, it was lovely to taste my efforts, makes you feel all proud and good to know your producing good wholesome food.



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