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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Day 8 of the Advent Season

Handmade Ribbon Flower Hair Clips
The girls got pretty little hair clips which I made from some of my ribbon remnants I have laying around. It was good practice as I have been meaning to make a batch of these for the blogshop, so now that I have finally got round to making a few and ironed out any glitches, I hope to be making a batch between now and the weekend.
The bible story they heard today is on the left.
On the walk home from school today we saw this healthy specimen of a fox sunning itself in some one's garden.


  1. How wonderful to have made all these gifts for the advent calendar yourself, your girls must be really pleased with them. Yes, he is a healthy looking fox, his fur is gleaming.

  2. You're so clever to have made all these little gifts, it must have taken you ages!
    That fox is beautiful!

  3. Foxes - hate the damn things! (Just my opinion!)

  4. Thanks Jo and Clare making these little presents/ keepsakes have been lots of fun, especially when I see my girl’s reaction.

    And though it is a little time consuming, its not time I regret spending doing so as I think it reiterates what I have always tried to teach my girls, that things we cherish don't always have to come from a store or be big and shiny but should come from the givers heart and so should always be appreciated.

    That fox in its winter coat was beautiful to see, especially since the ones that visited my garden this year clearly have mange, so generally looks bedraggled :(

    Gary what can I say, to each their own, I cannot think of an animal I HATE! Well except mosquitoes but then they aren't animals but insects.



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