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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Day 3 of the Advent Season

Crocheted Flower Brooches
The girls really liked their crocheted brooches, picking the colour that matched the tops they were wearing at the time and here was the story they heard today.
Today I made my first Internet sale from my blogshop which made me really happy. I plan to package my items in mainly recycled materials unless a gift wrap is requested but that doesn't mean it will look messy. The order was early enough in the day to allow me to take my time in choosing my materials needed to package the item which was dispatched to the customer today.

On the (L) is the item in its Packaging and on the (R) is the packed item with a free handmade gift/ token to express my thanks for the purchase.

Although I'm not actually making it out into the garden, I am still preparing in some small way for next year. For instance I through the forum A4A have signed myself up for three seed swap parcels thus far. These are normally great fun and you get to try varieties or veg you may not automatically buy through the catalogues, it also gives you the opportunity to pass on seeds of vege/ varieties you don't plan to grow again. The picture on the left is of the second swap to grace my home this week (it arrived this morning), the other one which arrived yesterday, went back into the post this afternoon.

Last but not least here is the latest project I'm working on. The last two Christmases I planned to make a Nativity Creche but simply never got round to making one. Well I have started one, hope to complete it by Sunday.


  1. I am off work today as I have serious sniffles and a bunged up nose.

    I am enjoying seeing whats in your Daughters Advent calendar. So will be following closely. I am off to check out your craft shop to see what delights you have on offering! Congratualtions on your first sale too.

  2. Mangocheeks, I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, I hope it blows over soon.

    The girls are really enjoying the treats and keepsakes, I think it will become a new Christmas tradition in our home.

    And thanks for the congrats, I thought I would have made a few more pieces this week but didn't get round to it, time sure doesn't stand still.



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