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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Day 10 of the Advent Season

Homemade Puzzles with Storage Pockets
My girls love for me to make them puzzles, the eldest was once a real puzzle buff and has been good at them since the age of two. The youngest well.... simply doesn't have the patients but still likes to attempt them but generally passes them onto her sister to build for her :)
I made them with images taken from an old wildlife magazine mounted on cardboard which was further mounted on another piece of cardboard so as to create a backing for the puzzle to sit on. I also made some envelope pockets from thick old sheets of magazine for them to be stored in.
The bible story they heard today is above on the left.
Now I said I would include a Trini Christmas song with each post till Christmas but before I let loose, its only fair I attempt to explain a little about our Christmas music.
Besides the usual Christmas carols and the well known American Christmas tunes, we in Trinidad also have our own type of Christmas music. A large amount of the music is representative of a Venezuelan flair and our calypso also influences the music that is created or remixed for Christmas.
Like I said a large proportion is Venezuelan influenced and this type of music is called parang. The link will explain a lot better than I would.
So with that explanation out of the way I'll start off with an oldie which was written and made into a hit by the legend Daisy Voisin, she was and still is considered the Queen of Parang.

Daisy Voisin - Alegria, Alegria .

These are the two fox cubs that have frequented my garden this year, they were from a litter of five, what happened to the other three I don't know. Now they have not had very happy existence, with first one then the other getting mange along with very little to eat, they have looked a sorry state. Today I saw them out the window sunning themselves on my neighbour's decking looking a lot healthier with their winter coat on but boy were they scratching, so it seems the mange is still there.

P.S. You may have noticed that its snowing on my blog, I got the widget for this after experiencing some wintry weather over on Maureen's Blog. If you would like some snow too then the link for the widget can be found at the top of the listed links in the blue panel on the right side of my blog page.


  1. Hi Kella, the puzzles are a great idea, you could do it with family photo's as well, that would be fun. I just love the music on this post. Have you heard of the Buenos Vista Social Club ? it was a big hit as a documentary type film and I have the C.D of the music which is similar to yours. Have a good week-end x

  2. Maureen my defunct printer laid that initial plan of using family photos for the puzzles to rest.

    I'm glad you liked the music I posted, I have heard of the Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club, I also have one of their albums.

    Wishing you a great weekend also.



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