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Monday, 7 December 2009

Day 7 of the Advent Season

The Stable's first human inhabitants.
The girls got the first Nativity characters as their advent calendar gifts today which went along with the bible story they heard today (pic below). In the picture on the left their little fingers point out what they got to unwrap; the eldest unwrapped Joseph and the donkey and the youngest unwrapped Mary and baby Jesus.
Thankfully I did find some strands of dried grass to use as straw which I placed on the top of a radiator to dry out further as it was picked in the rain this morning but later when I went to pick up my eldest from school I found some great stands of dried bracken, which I dried out further on the radiators and used instead.


  1. Kella, I love it that you make all your gifts to go into the girls advent calender, that makes it even more special. You are a good mummy, a good teacher of all things ( nature, growing plants and food, crafts,cooking,good parenting ) and I'm sure your girls will remember all these special times when they are older, and good on you for teaching them the real reason for Christmas.
    I'm afraid I am a lapsed Catholic, but I still have a very deep faith, which without I would not have survived many things that happened in my life, so it's great that you are passing your faith onto your children.

  2. Maureen still up I see ;)

    To your comments all I can say is thak you and I try my very best to do what's right by my girls. I never knew I would enjoy mothering the way I do, it did come as a complete shock to me but love it I do :)

    I have great memories from my own childhood so it is imperative to me that I create great memories for my girls to take into their adult life.

    Like you I don't actively go to church any more but it is so important to me and their dad that we raise them to understand our faith and so we do so as best we can.



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