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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Day 23 of the Advent Season

The girls got these personalised name stamps today, so I’m sure you know what ensued afterwards. I made them with hot glue and a piece of foam board.

These are stories they heard today.
Today I got on with completing a few household chores and because I’m crazy I choose to host a sleepover very last minute to help out a neighbour with baby sitting her three girls (6, 12, 14yrs). It put the pressure on but thankfully didn’t end in tears.
Well tomorrow is the big cook off, I like to get the Christmas meals all done and dusted on Christmas Eve but I’ll still pop in to update the blog with the Advents’ Calendar last gift/ treat.

In Trinidad we like to make impromptu musical instruments with what ever is at hand when we are 'liming'. One of our favourite things to use is a bottlle (usually from an alcoholic beverage) and a spoon (that might be around from eating food), Hope you enjoy the song.

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