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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Just in the Nick of Time!!

Whew!! just completed the kid's advent calender for them to explore this afternoon when the eldest returns from her school trip, off to fill it now.

Edited to add -

Beaded Rings
This is what the girls got out of their advent calender this evening, before they delved in though I explanied what its about and where it originated and because we believe in the christian faith, I read them a couple bible stories to begin the Nativity Story to tie in what Christmas means to us as a family.
Although today's gifts were bought quite awhile ago (I saw them and thought of my girly girls and squirreled them away for a day I thought they deserved a treat/ special surprise), I do hope to mainly supply homemade gifts in their advent calender experience and I'll show you them as the girls get them.


  1. That is really one special, unique and original Advent calendar. I truly love it. The smiles.
    Those rings are beauitiful too. Your heart must have fluttered a million times when you saw the smile on their faces.

    Its important to remember why we celebrate Christmas, (Christ Mass). It's not just about 'giving and getting presents', it is much more, shame many forget.

  2. Thanks Mangocheeks, it was a labour of love doing it, especially so last minute and yes the girls smiles and enjoyment in such simple things always fills me with happiness.

    Yes you are right, commercialism has so impregnated the traditional celebrations that remind us to make more time for togetherness and giving of ourselves to others, that it is even more important for families to make a more concerted effort to keep the true spirit of these times alive and well in the younger generations coming up.

  3. What a lovely advent calendar, and those rings are gorgeous, your girls must be so pleased.

  4. I love your advent calendar Kella..I used to love to do things like this with the kids but as they become teenagers they don't quite appreciate such things ...they just seem to want chocolate....maybe I should get more kids?????wonder if the hubby would go for it??!!??!!

  5. Thanks Tanya, I would like to keep this up as long as I can but realistically know at some point it will be less appealing.

    What I would like to do is as they get older the calender becomes a lot more family orientated, with the pockets being filled with notes from each of us to each other. With IOUs for hugs or kisses, or to help someone with a task they are trying to achieve. I think you get the idea, its a work in progress that I'm sure will evolve as time goes by.

    If nothing else they'll have lovely memories which they will someday try to recreate through their own families.



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