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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Day 12 & 13 of the Advent Season and My 100th Posting

So what is an Advent Calender without chocolate? This was the treat they received on Saturday after their bible story on the left.

I have to be careful though as they will be ridiculously spoilt by their older cousins, Aunt's and Uncles over the Christmas season with all manner of confectionery rubbish, so the least they get now the better because if I want to help reduce the severity of eczema and rash type outbreaks in the New Year, I must ensure their system is as clean as possible before.

Handbag/ Mobile Phone Charms

Well my girls haven't got mobiles so they'll be attaching them to one of their various purses/ book bags/ pencil cases/ diaries, etc.

They are getting excited now as they know with tonight's bible story the Nativity Creche is almost complete and so new characters will be arriving soon.

So I made it to the plot Saturday morning, the first time in weeks. The weather was sunny and surprisingly warm, I went there on just my bike with a garden fork attached.

Now let me explain the large picture which is above the group of three little ones; origanally my plot was approx 12ft by 35ft which is the yellow marked out area. After a meeting with the other plot holders a fw weeks back the area was remarked out and footpaths were properly designated and my plot moved over a bit more to the left and I als gained a further 5ft of planting space width wise, so now my growing area is 17ft x 35ft (the area which is marked out in red), yeah!!

But you never gain something without a price, and the price for my larger area is that I now have more to dig and get ready for the spring, which means a couple more winter visits, bummer. The area to the left of the freshly dug ground at the back which I got completed on time this autumn is covered in rubbish (marked in blue) which I previously removed off of my plot to what was a communal area which was to be sorted out in the New Year. I now have to move the rubbish for a second time (roll eyes) plus that area has a lot of dumped stones which will need relocating to the designated footpath areas (arrgh).

I did get to do a little digging and clearing but also concentrated on marking my plot with some fascia boards that were in the communal reusable piles, I did this to make a visual barrier to others so they don't walk on any freshly dug ground and to remind them to stick to the footpathed areas.

The three smaller photos were taken to remind me of what was grown where so next year I can employ crop rotation practices.

So this is my 100th post, I'm afraid I don't have anything monumental to say but I'll say this; thank you to all my readers; regulars and ocassinals. My sister implored to me that I should go public way back in February when I started and I'm glad I eventually listened to her and did.
I have made new friends and conversed with similar thinking people I probably would not have met without the blog. I have also reawaken an old joy for writing and now feel quite at a loss when I don't blog frequently. With this side of my creativity given a new lease on life I have found the push I needed to take a step towards turning my other hobbies into a business venture.

So I'll say thanks again to all my readers and I hope you all will still be around when I celebrate my 200th post.
Now onto the Trini Christams music. Today's choice is a very popular Christmas Song which was released in Trinidad and Tobago in 1971. I have heard this song all my life and found the words to it over the weekend and so planned to teach the girls it over the holidays, I was so excited when I found it on Youtube, so I can share it with you.

Lennox Gray - Round My Christmas Tree


  1. Hi Kella...great to read your 100th post....the plot doesn't look too bad at all...I haven't visited mine in a couple of months and I am hoping to go tomorrow although we are predicted heavy snow for this evening so I'm not sure that It's going to happen...oh well I finish work tomorrow for christmas so maybe i will get time next week!!!

  2. Hi Tanya, yeah the plot isn't to bad really, its just the time to get there is somtimes hard to find.

    Hope you get a chance to get to yours soon.



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