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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A Simple Update

So Saturday after two days of rest from the garden chores I picked up where I left off and returned to the task of digging and preparing planting holes for the curcubits, etc. The ten remaining holes for the squashes and pumpkins took me all Saturday to do. Each pole represent a hole of which there is 14 in total.

Sunday morning saw me constructing a fenced barrier against fox cub damage to my vege plot
see previous posting, the only thing is I did not have enough fencing to encompass the squash and pumpkin area, I hope the plants won't be to interfered with when I plant them out (so far they have left the cardboard alone). Later in the afternoon found me digging six more holes, this time two more for the tomatoes, three for courgettes and one for a patty pan summer squash.

The kid's spring flower pots and planters have been moved to a quiet area behind the greenhouse and their six old wellington boot planters which were sown with morning glories, sweet peas and nasturtiums have been put into their final place in front of the play house.

Monday I potted around planting out flowering plants into the flower bed. The garden looks filthy as we have been having some high winds which have dumped all the old dusty flowers and some young leaves of the surrounding oak trees into the garden, causing the place to look like it needs a good sweep.

Had hope to start planting out the squashes and tomatoes but with the high winds dropping the air temperature by a few degrees I though it would be wise to keep them in the greenhouse till the end of the week when the ground should be saturated by forcasted heavy showers and the winds should have also died down somewhat.

The thyme I under sowed the brassicus plants with have started to germinate.

Here are a couple pics taken on Monday:

Tuesday morning saw me at the museum with my youngest for story and craft activities but the afternoon found me cutting the lawn which was followed by its second dose of feed. I also got round to staking the taller plants in the flower and herb beds to prevent them from being flattened by any heavy rain that may fall.

Wednesday this morning showed evidence of rain fall during the early hours of the morning but it was not a lot. There has been a fine drizzle since 14.00 which i s getting heavy but very slowly. The garden could do with a good drink so hopefully the heavy showers do fall later this evening.

The turnips I was growing for winter harvesting will be ready way before then (the one in the photo is only the second biggest). I'll probably sow a fresh set to grow for those winter months.

About midday I happened to look out the window and was lucky to see my first sighting of swifts for the year :), there were about five of them but they didn't hang around and so I was not able to procure a video shot of them to show you.

I've been practicing with the camera in taking macro shots here a few taken today:


  1. Hi Kella
    I am glad you found my blog again. Thank you for your comment and I will have a good look at your blog over the week-end as I am just off today to stay with my son for a couple of days.
    best wishes

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog hope you have a lovely visit at you son's. Look foward to seeing you back here soon :)

  3. Your macro shots look good. I'm not very good with my camera, I could do with brushing up on my photography skills.
    We've had high winds here too. Fortunately there hasn't been any damage, but it's been too blustery to get much done.



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