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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Its A Success

I decided to try turnips this year to see if we as a family who have never eaten it before would like to add it to our diet.

Well I harvested the first lot today and used both the turnip and the leafy tops (mainly the younger leaves) for dinner this evening.

I roasted the turnips with chard also from the garden and sauteed the tops then tossed them in with spaghetti. we had the lot with stewed lima beans. And like it says in the title it was a success, everyone enjoyed them. They were surprisingly sweet and the tops were reminiscent of pak choi.

We'll try them raw next time in a salad or tossed with fried vege rice, haven't decided yet.


  1. Kella they look delicious. That's one veg I haven't grown yet, I have a packet from last year unopened. Trouble is I want to grow everything ! and it's just not possible, but I think I will give them a go as we love them.

  2. Hi me again ! I just read one of your older posts about your lemon grass germinating. How is yours doing ? I have grown four plants and they are growing, but very slowly. Can you post a photo so I can compere ?

  3. They look great. Glad the family liked them, that's another one you'll be able to add to your list to grow again.

  4. Hi Maureen, I also found the lemon grass to be slow growing but the ones I pricked out into a mix of compost, garden soil and BFB are doing well.

    I've sent you an email of some photos taken today.

  5. Jo although its nice to find another vegetable that the family all like, it really drives home the need for a lottie plot. So instead of just planting approx 20 or less plants I could then plant a 10ft row or more and with successional sowings we could easily harvest a multitude of crops right into winter.

    Ah with that again on my mind I'm off to visit the landshare site: to see if there is anything for me there today.



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