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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sacrificial Curcubits?????

Woke to a very wet garden and more rain teeming down, all this was finished though by 08:30 am and was replaced by gusty winds up to forty plus.

Today I attempted to build a mini greenhouse to enclose my sweet peppers and aubergines but the forty plus winds showed me the structure needs tweaking.

So onto job number two; decided to plant out my winter squash, pumpkins and courgettes they simply could not be left in their pots any more. So with my heart in my mouth I planted them out in the gusts, I feel as though I am sacrificing them to the wind gods. At least tonight the gusts will be dieing down but are forecasted to return tomorrow evening to last through out tomorrow night, I do hope I do not end up with egg on my face and I'm afraid it gets worse as the tomorrow the tomatoes will be sharing their faith.

Finally I got round to potting up some herbs that have grown out of their pots, some lime basil and Vietnamese coriander.

Oh and here are few flowers that were in bloom today, hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


  1. Hope your plants have made it through the winds!

  2. Well so far so good they appeared to be slightly sheltered by the bush of weeds behind our boundary line. The only thing is the weather changed, so instead of a still day today with a windy night (which would have given them a lovely respite from colder temps) we've had gusty winds with rain as well, there were some sunny episodes but the wind hasn't stopped.

  3. Kella, is that comfrey in flower there ( left hand side at the top) I harvested my leaves today, I have a bed of bocking 14 comfrey. I am going to make stinky comfry tea to feed the vegetables. I also make nettle tea for the same purpose, and it's just as smelly.

  4. Hi Maureen, yes it s comfrey just in flower. Mine is also bocking 14 but I have it in an old metal dustbin. I'll probably harvest it this coming weekend for the same purpose along with the nettle thats in the second dustbin. This year though I'll be making the feed using the drainpipe method. When I do it I'll be posting a link showing all the steps.

  5. Kella,I look forward to the post about the drainpipe method, I am intrigued. I hope your squashes and courgettes made it through the winds. Mine go out this week-end.



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