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Thursday, 7 May 2009

I'm Tuckered Out

So I've been at it now for a good couple of months and I think its caught up with me. I took myself to bed early last night and the night before and woke up this morning knackered. I mean I have no energy whatsoever to dedicate to the garden/ vege patch.

So I did a little crafting instead, I have been meaning to make a little sign to hang on the front door when I'm out back mainly for the post/ delivery man re packages, etc. The piccy on the left is what I normally used and the piccy underneath is what I worked on today and I'm quite pleased with the results.

Well after lunch I still dragged myself to the greenhouse and spent an hour pricking out lettuce and Chinese cabbage seedlings, I also watered a couple of stuff and well that's it for the day. Hopefully I'll have a little bit more energy and will be all gong ho!! tomorrow.

I'll just fill you in on what I did get up to the last two days.

Tuesday, well my abdomen is still killing me from the holes I dug on Monday and the Sunday, so I wimped out and transplanted my spring onions which involved sifting some homemade compost and adding it to the bed I planted the spring onions in. The french marigolds were also planted out into heir final spot on the edge of the tomato bed. I still had a half hour to kill so I bit the bullet and dug two holes for the cucumbers, OUCH!!!! Washboard tummy here I come.

Wednesday found me filling the holes I dug for the cucumbers and erecting their support, a rose arch. The area under the arch was prepared with more sifted compost and I then planted out my onion seedlings.

After the afternoon school run I proceeded to dig and full four more holes, these are for my squashes and pumpkins.

Overall I have 10 more holes to dig for the above plants plus 4 more for the tomatoes and another 4 for the summer squashes and courgettes combined.

Well that's it for now, here are a few photos I took over the last three days, hope you enjoy them.


  1. Hope you're feeling a little more energetic today.
    What a great idea! I love your sign. I remember a really important parcel being taken back to the post office once as I missed the post man when I was in the back garden. I'll have to make a sign.
    I haven't done any crafting for ages. I used to make cards, and I enjoy scrapbooking.

  2. Thanks, I used to make lots of cards as well but haven't really been crafting much of late all my tools are gathering dust :(

    I keep meaning to get one of those battery operated doorbells which have multiple ringers so can put one in the house and one in the greenhouse.

    I'm afraid the energy levels are just as low today, so will only be doing the weekly laundry duties and not much else. Plus the rains have started so I don’t feel bad about ignoring the garden today ;)



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