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Friday, 1 May 2009

2nd Times a Habit???

Well I ran out into the garden this evening to pick some perpetual spinach to add to the pot I was bubbling for dinner and inadvertently disturbed the female collard dove. I did a quick check and yes you've guessed it another egg. From the picture I know things look dire but the nest is of better construction this time so maybe they will be more successful this time.

Anyway I didn't get round to doing anything today in the garden but I did take some photos of plants that started to flower this week to mark the 1st of May.

Perennial Cornflower
A Geranium


  1. Let's hope they're more successful this time round. They're certainly persistent.

  2. Well the female is still sitting on the egg and to my knowledge wasn't disturbed at all yesterday. So we'll see how things go today as I will be in and out the garden a lot today.



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