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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A Ricketty Greenhouse????

Another warm sunny day, oh lovely.

I got the all my beans planted out today; the runners, the dwarf and climbing french beans and the borlotti. The dwarf beans were planted in the tomato bed and won't need harvesting till the pods are ripe ad dry, so as to reduce the risk of them getting wet and remaining damp nearer harvest time I thought it would be a good idea to grow them under the same cover.

I also planted out the chard seedlings and my second set of lettuce. Now I need to sow the third batch.

I have lots of flowering plants to plant out as companion plants, today it was some more sunflowers and some of the salvia that were planted out, both went into the bean bed and a couple were planted in the asparagus beds edge and the edge of the swiss chard row.

The last thing I got done was to build and erect a mini 'hot/ green house' which I plan to grow my aubergines and sweet peppers in. I'll plant those out tomorrow. The sweet peppers already have flowers and I have been pollinating them with a paint brush (think they are suppose to be self pollinating but I thought it wouldn't hurt to help them along as they are not being visited by any pollinators inside). Both of sets of plants may also be a little pot bound so I hope they grow away once I plant them out.

Check out what's in flower:


  1. My sweet pepper is also in flower. My French beans will be the next thing planted out at the allotment.
    Nice flower pictures. My Alliums are also in flower.

  2. The sweet peppers and aubergines are all planted out as of yesterday. I gave one aubergine plant to my neighbour with strict warnings not to grow an aubergine fruit if I don't produce one ;)

    Only one allium flowered this year :( but I have many young seedlings which I grew from last year's seed, hopefully there will be more flowers next year.



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