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Monday, 4 May 2009

Aching Abdominal Muscles

Well today was another productive day, though I started later than I planned to I still achieved all I wanted.

I dug nine more pits today which were half filled with more rotted small mammal droppings and their bedding. And boy does my abdominal muscles hurt now from this exercise (who needs a gym). These holes are for my aubergines and sweet pepper plants I just need to construct a plastic windbreak for them which should help keep the temperatures around them warmer especially at night.

I also worked in the greenhouse pricking out my early sprouting broccoli seedlings and potting up the romenesco, cauliflower and kale plants into their degradable pots. I have continued to under sow the plants with thyme seeds to create a living deterrent against the cabbage root fly.

The weather was not as cheery as it has been, there was a lot more cloud cover and even a little cold at times so I welcomed both the digging and after the work in the greenhouse helped to keep me warm.

Well that's it for today, I'll leave you with this picture of dandelion fluff, doesn't the red tips of the sepals offset against the fluffy seeds look exquisite!


  1. I add my rabbit's droppings to the compost bin, but I dispose of the sawdust. When you say that you use the bedding, does this include sawdust?

    Have you grown sweet peppers and aubergines outdoors before? I haven't been successful with aubergines yet. I'm giving them another go this year, but they're going in the greenhouse along with my peppers.

    I used to love the fluffy seed heads of Dandelions. Now I just see them as seed bombs ready to explode all over my plot and create more weeding!

    You were lucky to get everything done. I didn't manage to get anything done because of the rain.

  2. Hi Jo yes I have the bedding also I got the lot off of frecycle last year and I built a bin especially for this to rot down, I'ts mixed in with my grass clippings. The advise given is to leave it for two years to rot down, which hopefully should stop the sawdust from leaching nitrogen from the soil while it rots further.

    I'm gambling on the fact that I have added tons of grass clippings to it as well as regular doses of compost activator to make it useable this year. the sawdust is still very apparant but all the animal droppings and grass clippings are well roted and the mixture smells clean and 'sweet'.

    The proof will be in the pudding come harvest time.

    I have grown sweet peppers and aubergines outside before, my sweet peppers crops have been small and have never ripened but then they can be eaten green and I have never gotten any aubergines but lots of flowers but this was over the last two abismal summers.

    This year I still plan to grow them outside but will be building a mini greenhouse around them to improve the odds.

    Sorry to hear the rain hampered you plans, hope its better the next time you go to the plot.

  3. Thanks for that Kella. I think I'll continue to dispose of the sawdust then, unless I decide to build an extra compost bin at the allotment specifically for this. Rabbit droppings are supposed to make great compost though.

    Fingers crossed that you manage to get some aubergines this year. I'm sure the mini greenhouse will help, along with a nice hot summer if the Met Office are right.



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