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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Wow!! Winter is Sure Serious This Time

12th February, 09 - Well they did forecast heavy snow but I thought yeah right! three snowfalls in one winter in the South East ain't going to happen, but like I said in the title Winter is Sure Serious This Time :). It started at about 18.00 with sleet and its now 21.21 and there is already about an inch on the ground with lots more falling steadily. We'll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings, as its due to have light rain showers for an hour or two from 03.00, but don't it look pretty :)

Friday the 13th of February, well there was evidence of the rain falling during the wee early hours of this morning as there was quite slushy snow to walk through on the school run today.

The back yard still looked pretty and their was evidence of the local bird life as well.

I have sown some flower seeds today, once they have grown successfully some will go into the herbal flower beds and some will be used as companion plants in and around my vegetable plants.

The seeds I have sown are;

  • Thyme - to be planted both in the herb bed and at the edge of the footpaths surrounding the vegetable beds.

  • Echinacea - to be planted in the flower beds.

  • Rudbeckia - to be planted in the flower beds.

  • Salvia (annuals and perennials) - perennials in the flower beds and the annuals as companion plants in the vegetable beds.

I have also planted a couple seeds of the Torsha plant a.k.a Luffa. this plant loves it hot and humid so I plan to grow it in the greenhouse in a container. If the summer turns out to be a scorcher (fat chance) I will bring outdoors.

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