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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Gathering Momentum

Well the day greeted me with more gloomy weather and even a little drizzle thrown in but the excuse of putting of seed sowing because of depressing weather cannot be used too regularly or I won't get anything done, after all I am in England.

So with that in mind I scraped together some motivation and did some seed sowing today. The seeds I sowed were;
  • Melons x three varieties one set was home saved from a supermarket purchased melon.
  • Lemongrass to replace the plant I lost to early frost last year.
  • Wild Teasel, the seeds are a magnet for some birds, mainly the goldfinch.

I also wanted to sow some radishes but the soil in the vege beds were too wet, hope to get them done by the end of the week though.

I also was able to completely full one of my bean trenches with kitchen scraps, I then refilled the trench with soil and levelled the area, its now ready for planting the runner beans in June. The second trench as you can see in the picture is now lined with shredded paper in readiness for kitchen scraps.

The seedling update is as follows; on the 22nd the hot pepper and echinacia seedlings began to show them selves and on the 23rd some of the sweet pepper and a torsha seedlings began sprouting.

Well that's it for now will catch up again soon.

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