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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I Declare 2009 Growing Season Open.

Woke up to a clear sunny day with hard frost on the ground, so I had no excuses for not going out into the garden today.

First I cleared the frosted celery from last year to provide an area for the garlic to be planted. The spent plants were thrown into the compost bin, the area was raked over and some blood, fish and bones was added to the soil. Then the garlic cloves were planted all 31 of them, there were some small ones which should not be planted as the resulting bulbs will turn out small but since this is for home use and not for market I figured I would plant all, waste not want not they always say :)

In my wanders around the garden I came across some spring flowers in bloom. They were in containers that the kids use to display their spring flowers in front of their playhouse. So I took the time to top up the pots with more compost and then placed them in their flowering positions.

The last job I did today was emptying the kitchen waste into the prepared bean trench which has a layer of shredded paper in the bottom. The paper is to facilitate moisture retention and the waste is rotting down and adding its nutrients to the soil right where I will be growing my beans and peas.
Well I can certainly declare the 2009 growing season open with the first plantings/ sowing done today.

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