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Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Well its the 10th of February and I have not sown one seed as yet, how very disappointing.

At least my seed potatoes are bought and are chitting, this allows the potato to start to grow shoots but the shoots need to remain stubby so as not to break when they are planted out a months time. To achieve this they need to be in a cool dry place with lots of light.

I have 6 varities I plan to grow they are 1st earlies: Colleen and Foremost, 2nd earlies: Smile, Nadine and Pixie and an early main crop: Desiree.

I've also got a sweet potato tuber sitting in water to encourage it to produce slips. These are little stems that can then be rubbed off the tuber and potted up to grow into hopefully productive sweet potato plants.

I purchased more garlic bulbs two weekends back. I have already got some growing from last October planting. The plan is to get them in the ground while the weather is still spitefully winter so that they get enough winter chill to encourage the cloves to not only swell but to also split into individual cloves. So I hope to put them into the ground tomorrow when the weather is forecasted to be dry with some chance of sun.

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