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Thursday, 19 February 2009


Well its been a few days since I've posted on here. Myself and the girls spent a lovely long weekend at a friends home and returned on Tuesday 17th of Feb mid afternoon.

On my return I found that out of all the seeds I have sown the thyme had sprouted.

Wednesday the girls and I visited the Maidstone museum & Bentlif Art Gallery where they learned how to tell which Greek pottery was older and which was newer. Then they got the opportunity to create some clay art in the style of the more modern decoration technique.

On waking this morning There were more seedlings to
discover; the rudbeckia and the annual salvia.

There has also been a surge in spring flower activity with most of the snowdrops in open bloom and the emergence of crocuses in bud.

The daffodils are also up but are a few weeks away from blooming.
So in the words of my first born; "Woo hoo!! Spring is coming".

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