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Thursday, 12 February 2009

First Seeds Sown

Well another frosty morning followed by lovely clear blue sunny skies. Yes I know the picture doesn't look very sunny but you'll just have to take my word for it.

Anyway I got the opportunity to sow the first seeds of the season. As you can see from the picture there were sweet peppers (the two in the paper towels were saved seeds from a Hungarian sweet pepper), hot pepper as in the type grown back home in T&T. I also sown melongene and a new one for me celeriac (the family has never eaten this so its a new veg for us to try), it stores well in the ground during the winter so if we like it then we can add it to our winter veg crops. The tray of seeds have been brought inside to germinate as they all need warmer temperatures than whats in the greenhouse at night.

I am not a fan of online forums, I normally find them to
cliquey and reminiscent of primary school type behaviour, but there has been one forum which I lurked on for a while last year and decide to join last July and haven't regretted it at all. The information by the members are 98% of the times always forthcoming and the members are quite generous, with lots of seed and plant swaps constantly happening. I have been quite fortunate this winter and through the forum have acquired every type of seed I wished to grow this year and many I didn't think about. I have also joined in the spirit of things and sent seeds I no longer wanted as well as cuttings and young plants I had excess of to other members. The site is called Allotment4All the link is in my links to the right.

Well that long spiel was to explain how I acquired tubers of two new root crops to me (they are both root tubers hailing from the Incas, one is Ulluco (on the left) and the other is Oca (on the right). I was sent these by another member who was sharing out her excess. I plan to grow them on in containers as I don't really have the space to grow them in my beds, but again they are a winter crops so again if the are liked by everyone, it will be one more to add to our winter crop list. An added benifit is once you have grown these you will always have tubers to grow the next crop as the the Little ones like what was sent to me are not used for eating but to grow the following years crop.

Well thats all folks, hope to sow some flower seeds tomorrow. Bye.

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