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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Time To Cross Everything

OK a little background info, I have been wanting an allotment over two years now and my councils has quite few sites but with really long waiting lists :( of which I'm on a couple.

Late spring I found out there was one not 15 minutes away if you are walking from my home, it was so tucked away I never knew it was there. When I contacted the council about it I was told that it was rented out to a Society and as such they no longer had direct control of it and to their knowledge there were no plots available, when I asked for the Society's contact details, none was forth coming.

Today I was in the area so decided to take a little wander down there to see if there was anyone working any of the plots who could give me some contact details.

There was no one there but there was some contact details on a notice board, I called and left a message.

A lovely lady by the name of Helen just called to say not only are there plots (individual and community type ones) but that they don't do waiting lists, can you hear me singing HALLELUJAH!!!!

She says she is there every Wednesday and Saturday morning and I'm welcome to come and have a chat, can you see me grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat :)

So fingers and anything else you can cross I'll be a proud plot owner by the weekend.


  1. Oh wow,
    Kella I hope they have somethng you like. I really really do.

    Just a word of warning, my allotment plot is managed privately and outwith council controls. It is seriously a bad, bad site: with thefts happening on site by other 'known' plotholders, it's a dumping ground making parts of it unsafe for people with children, its egos and politics of the worst kind and none of these issues are seriously addressed by the committee, who in themselves are a waste of space. So just a kind word of warning, check it out properly. I am not saying the one where you are going will be the same, but please please speak to other allotment holders and decide from there. There may be a reason why they don't do waiting lists!

  2. I'm keeping everything crossed for you Kella..i really hope it all works out and you get your plot...I am so new to allotmenting that i can still remember the glee of receiving my plot (even if it was only barren grass/weed land) and I know you must be trying to hold off those butterflies just in case it all goes wrong..watching this space for news!!
    P.S. Please keep your fingers crossed for me too as i only have half a plot and I'm waiting to see if i can get another half too!!

  3. Mangocheeks thanks for the warning, sobering thoughts indeed especially since the site is in an area that can at times become a little unsavoury. Your comments have helped me come up with a few more questions that will need asking when I meet her tomorrow.

    Tanya, the butterflies are rife at the moment, I don't even know how I've kept my dinner down or eaten it for that manner.

    I'll be keeping fingers crossed for you too, will the other half be attached to your plot or would it be in a different part of the site?

  4. Kella I have crossed everything possible. I hope you get a plot, but like MangoCheeks says check it out thoroughly and do speak to other plot holders, if possible. Also just by looking around yourself will be a good indicator of the conditions and safety of the place, especially if you intend to go up late in the evenings during the darker months.
    By the way I have found that the 'Munchkins' don't taste as nice and look a bit green inside when I let them get to the Orange colour, they taste better pale yellow and softer skinned. Thought I would let you know because you are keen to grow them next year. It is possible it was just that one so I will try another this week and let you know what I find. :)

  5. Thanks for the well wishes Maureen, so far security looks good, from what I can see the only entrace is through the gate and its a very tall one, with the fences attached to the gate being equally high and well entangled with dog roses (plan to collect some hips tomorrow) and vicious brambles which are covered in sweet fruit if my girls purple stained tongues were anything to go by this afternoon. Like I said its other three borders back onto houses, so hopefully they won't pose any problems.

    Thanks for the tip re the Munchkin squash, if it does turn out to not be very edible when it is mature, it will explain why its used as decorations when ripe.

  6. Thankfully I had a good night sleep because this morning I am super nervous, my cereal taste like cardboard, and my tummy is so knotted I'm finding it hard to eat my breakfast anyway.

    Gosh I'm so wound up, I just hope I don't come across like a blithering idiot.

    Anyway off to feed the kids and then we'll leave in a hour and hopefully we will have a dry walk there cause it looks like it might be a wet morning.



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