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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My First Blog Award - Ten Things I Love About Being A Mummy.

I have been tagged by Jo to receive this ‘You Are a Great Read!’ award I was very surprised and pleased to receive it. Its nice to know that others enjoy reading what I enjoy writing. Part of receiving the award is to list 10 things about myself, so with this in mine I have decided to list 10 things that I love about being a mummy.

1. That first kick/ stretch/ turn I felt in my tummy that confirmed my beautiful burgeoning waist line was not due to my overeating or water retention but was my little one trying to tell me hello.

2. I loved watching them grow fat like tubs of lard on my liquid gold and nothing else, oooohhh!! The endless folds, dimples and creases made me so proud.

3. There is so much joy in watching them achieve their milestones on their terms and no one else’s and seeing them swell with pride when they have achieved them; the first time they clapped, that first step, the 1st successful skipping rope jump, reading their first proper book, etc.

4. I enjoy knowing that my trust in MY mothering instincts are growing every sec, every minute, everyday and that parenting becomes easier as I act more and more on that growing trust to look inward.

5. Their smiles, from their first gummy toothless ones of yesteryear to the cheeky please don’t be mad ones of today.

6. I love teaching and sharing knowledge with them and seeing the joy of discovery a fresh through their eyes.

7. I cherish holding sweaty sticky hands, sleepy dribbles on my lap and even the disturbed throws of passion endured by my OH and myself because of a bad dream or a wet accident!

8. The joy and peacefulness I experience when they play well together is greater than I could ever have imagine it would - its just pure happiness.

9. I revel in their noise - peels of laughter, ear piercing screams of joyful play, whooping shouts and galloping footsteps down the poor house staircase. It all means they are well and happy.

10. And last but certainly not least, its gotta be the spontaneous kiss on the cheek with the hug that is the arms around the neck with the whispered words of ‘I LOVE YOU MUMMY!’ in my ears.

To keep the ball rolling so to speak, I now have to pass this lovely award to bloggers I also enjoy reading. So I would like to present the award to Mangocheeks and Maureen, I wanted you both to know that you are a great read!


  1. A lovely list, Kella. Isn't being a mummy just wonderful? With my youngest starting high school this year, I'm beginning to realise that they are growing up fast, too fast for my liking. We have to cherish every moment.

  2. Thank you so much for thinking of me Kella.

    This really is a touching read. I am not a mother yet, the closest I have been to being maternal is with both my nephews, seeing them born, hearing their first words, witnessing their first steps. Oooh I am gonna cry. Thank you for sharing this with us all.

  3. Kella, what can I say ?? thank you so much for sharing the award with me I am honoured. Just give me a few days to think about the ten questions, I know I have the answers as I adore being a mother and a grandmother, both blessings.

    I hope to get the seeds off to you before Friday, I will e-mail as I post them, so you can look out for them thats if they get through this postal go slow.

  4. Ahah I just re-read your post and it doesn't have to be 10 things about being a mother does it ?? so more thinking !!! by the way how to I put the award on my post ? do I copy & paste ?

  5. Yes Jo being a mum is wonderful and took me completely by surprise many years ago first time round. My eldest is starting to show the tiniest signs that puberty is beginning, she is excited and scared all mixed into one, as am I but for completely different reasons, eeek!.

    Thanks Mangocheeks, I didn't mean to make you cry :) just wanted to share this pit in the stomach feeling that has attached itself to my core with no hopes of a cure (wink!).

    Maureen it was a pleasure to pass it on to you. I look forward to your ten things you wish to share about yourself, as I'm sure it will be a good read :)



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