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Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Well I’m still on schedule (we’ll see how long that lasts), I got to the allotment today as planned lugging my tools plus a pruning saw and mattock to sort out the small holly tree at the back of the plot and boy am I knackered.

Was only down there for two hours and the job took at least an a hour twenty minutes to get done with lots of breaks to sort out the little one’s wants and needs as well as to catch my breath.

The tree was cut down pretty easily but the roots were in there nice and solid so swinging the mattock was hard work, the over hanging tree branches of a hawthorn and the roots being within a foot of the neighbouring fence meant the angles I had to work in were sometimes quite awkward.

Well I finally grubbed the trunk out plus a smaller trunk which was cut back previously by some one else. Now I can get on with digging the area over and removing any perennial weed roots.

Before with tree.

After without tree, yah!!

On returning home I did a spot of harvesting.

Check out the size of this beefsteak tomato, variety Costullto Florintino (questionable spelling will edit laters)


  1. wow the tomatoes look great...and well done on the holly bush...not something I would want to tackle!!

  2. I'm not surprised you're knackered. That must have been hard work. You seem to be cracking on really well with the allotment. You've got it at the right time really so that you can get it all prepared ready for next year. I got my allotment in March of this year, so it hadn't had any proper preparation before things were planted. I think alot of crops have suffered because of this.

  3. Tanya, thanks I'm very pleased my tomato crop as well. And though my muscles are still aching from my fight with the holly bush I am glad I got it done.

    Jo, I have to agree that this is the best time to recieve a new plot. I'm sure your plot will be all the more productive for you next year.



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