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Monday, 21 September 2009

Late Blooms

This is just a quick update on what has been keeping me busy and out of the garden/ allotment (I had hoped to get there Tue, Wed, and Thurs of last week).

I’ll also show you some pictures of flowers that are still blooming here and there in the garden.

So last week my four year old was not a hundred percent and as such kept me both out of the garden and away from the allotment. Thankfully Wednesday the allotment site manager brought me her key to keep and use till I see her again on this Wednesday coming, so on Thursday with the little one finally on the mend and the weather warm and calm we made it to the allotment. I set about clearing some of the nettle and part of the communal compost heap off of my plot. I completed about a third of it and hope to if the weather is good make it back there again on Tuesday of this coming week.

While I was clearing I disturbed this little fellow and I also found this dead what I believe to be a shrew (not sure which one though).

On my return home last Thursday I did some harvesting in the garden. The Patch produced its first pumpkins ’Snowman’ x 2 from two plants (one of each plant) and a squash ‘Kobocha’ x 1. I’ve put them to ripen further then I’m store them away for the winter. The summer squash ‘Patty Pan’ is also still producing well and I took one off the plant that should have been picked at least two days before, it was approx 7” across. I also got some more dried pods of ‘Ying Yang’ and ‘Borlotti’ beans along with more tomatoes and my second lot of sweet corn which were all ripe and went down a treat at dinnertime. The late sown dwarf French beans a yellow pod variety also gave it’s first harvest.
This weekend I have been kept just as busy and I barely got chance to water some of the greenhouse plants. I have though harvested some more corn on Friday, and some perpetual spinach on Sunday.
Now as promised here are a few pictures of all I found in flower still lat Thursday.

They are getting far and in between now but there are a couple mini beasties about.
Quite a few of these speckled woods are about.

Not sure what caterpillar this is.


  1. Your photographics skills are quite should probably give National Geographic a call or David Attenborough :o)

    I won't even comment about the food, as I am not there to participate and therefore remain thoroughly huffed :O(

  2. The colours of those flowers are beauitiful.

    An impressive harvest you have there, you have also introduced me to some new pumpkins. Please let us know what they taste like.
    Also are those Mummy and daughters wellies I see in the photo, quite cute. I hope the little one is feeling much better now.

  3. Hi Rev, I am really sorry you can't partake this year but with your new house move on the horizon you'll be well settled by the beginning of the next growing season and then you can truly growing some of your own.

    Mangocheeks, Thanks for asking, yes the little one is much better and on the mend, just a runny nose to contend with.

    I'm not cutting into my winter pumpkin/ squash stores as yet because my summer ones are still producing, but I'll be sure to let you know what each type is like when I start eating them.

    The wellies you can see are all the kid’s old leaky pairs which we turn into planters and are placed on the step which leads to their playhouse. In the summer they are filled with sweet peas and morning glories to climb the trellis attached to the house and in the spring they are filled with spring flowering bulbs.

    My leaky wellies are attached to the concrete fence poles in the vege garden and are normally filled with trailing nasturtiums during the summer (of which I have no pics this year as the sparrows thought it would be fun to constantly un-earth the poor plants [roll eyes]).

  4. Some beautiful picks is really making me want to get a new camera...I dropped mine a couple of weeks ago and now the focus is off and the viewfinder doesn't line up the pics. right.

    I have found a few toads on my allotment too..I hope they stick around...could really do with some hedgehogs too!!

  5. Hi Kella, a lovely post and what a great idea to have a record of what is flowering in the garden this month. It all looks lovely, both your harvest and the flowers, oh all right then !! and the creepies !

  6. Oh Tanya, I'm sorry to hear your camera is out of commission. When I damage mine a few weeks back I was worried that I would suddenly become camera less, thankfully I was able to repair it so I could continue taking photos but the shutter doesn't close when it is off so I have to be careful not to scratch the lens.

    Maureen, what is flowering is far and in between but at least it serves as a reminder of the summer flowers and colours.

    And as for the creepies you know you love em, you just don't know it as yet.



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