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Monday, 8 February 2010

Not Again!!

Busy family weekend kept me out of the garden and away from the allotment, I had high hopes to get outside this week.....

BUT!!! Its snowing again as I type, with freezing temps and more expected as the week progresses, aarrrgh!!!



  1. We've had more snow today too which hasn't pleased me...I really thought things were on the up last week then we plummeted to below zero temps, freezing fog and snow showers...please hurry up spring!!!!!

  2. We had snow this morning too. Luckily it hasn't settled, but it's very very cold.

  3. I'm humphing with you. I want some nice loose soil to dig, not frozen soil and slippy pavements.

  4. Hi Jo it didn't stick here either thankfully but more is forcasted for later today so we have to brace ourselves.

    Garden Mum, everytime I think I'm getting my get up and go the weather pushes me firmly back down in my seat.



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