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Monday, 22 February 2010

Catching Up

So I had a lovely week last week as both my girls were home as it was half term holidays, yeah I love having them around but see how it ended this morning here.

So yes last Monday I made it to the allotment and though I wanted to visit there again during the week on days the girls and I didn't go out, it was just too sticky so I potted around the garden on Wednesday the weather was lovely and the girls were busying themselves with friends out front so I had a few hours to myself.

I used the time to tidy the greenhouse of all the spent and rotten plants that were hanging around.

I also decided to see if there was anything to harvest from the oca, yukon and ulluco South American root vegetables, of which there was none really but enough tubers to grow fresh crops this year. I wasn't too disheartened as I knew I planted them out too late last year and was just hoping I would get tubers to replant and at least I did.

There were a few signs of the coming spring as well....

I had hoped to get a visit to the allotment yesterday but it wasn't to be as it was a watery day as is today so the ground is going to be worse off than it already was. So like lots of other gardeners out there I'm playing the waiting game.

On a different note I used the last of my bottled chunky tomato sauce last night. I have been so pleased with the way they turned out and so this year I will be planting a second bed of tomatoes which will be dedicated to only cooking tomatoes, I don't want to ever have to buy tinned tomatoes again. So I see I'll be needing to build a second rain shelter for outdoor tomato growing.


  1. I love snowdrops, they make me feel so happy and like waking up again.

  2. Clare, I know exactly what you mean I love to see them too. On Saturday on the bus ride home, the girls and I passed a garden which was full of snowdrops and yellow budding crocuses, it was so pretty and uplifting to see.

  3. Nice to hear you made some progress, even if it wasn't as much as you'd hoped - always the way! That tommie sauce looks lush. Yummy! I've STILL not been to the lottie - this weekend I was poorly. Next weekend I am skiing. Ah well, March it is (if they don't throw me off the allotments!!) x

  4. I still haven't got anything done on my allotment. Yesterday we had quite a thick covering of snow again. When is it ever going to end?

  5. Jo I ask myself that every day, when is it going to end???

    PS don't send any of that snow this way ok :)

  6. oh Kella..the photo's of the flowers are beautiful...I hope it soon warms up enough in my area so that some flowers bloom.



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