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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Its My 1st Blogoversary!!! & The Launch Of A New Blog Award

I can barely believe it, I've been blogging a whole year already. Its flown pass so quickly and I still feel so green to blogging but what a year it has been.

I started to blog to catalogue my life and to share it with a few friends and family members so they could keep up with what I have been up to. But on my sister's suggestion I went public and I am so glad that I did, thanks Sis.

So what has occurred because I have been blogging, well;
  • I've met people who share a common interest and so completely get where I am coming from.

  • I've made friends with people I may have never met in my daily life.

  • I've rediscovered a joy in writing, something I haven't done since my late teens.

  • I've expanded into three blogs to keep my topics more to point.

  • One of my blogs is a blogshop which would not have occurred to me to start if I wasn't blogging.

  • I've received awards for my efforts and because I didn't really read blogs before I started blogging, I didn't even know there were things called blog awards but it was lovely and surprising each time I was given one.

Some of the other fun and great things I have experienced because I'm blogging is winning a giveaway a few weeks ago and it so happens the prize arrived today, how cool was that like a little birthday prezzie :)

Recently I also took an opportunity to join a bead swap group which had it's big reveal today hence my late posting about my blogoversary. I have been Blog hopping the majority of the day drinking up all the creativity the group generated. You can read up about it and see my efforts on my other blog.

I wanted to share a cool shot of my garden and I got one today to trump all my other shots, it was a picture of a wren in one of my roosting pockets. I have known for some time it was in use because it was lined but never saw the inhabitant but I'm afraid in editing it while it was still on the camera card I deleted it by accident, AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll probably never get another shot like that.

So instead I have given you a picture of my gloved hands typing this post. My hands get frightfully cold when I'm on the PC and my fingerless gloves are my accessory to allow me to sit at the PC for ridiculously long hours.

Anyway I would like to end by thanking all my readers (including the silent ones who don't actively comment) and all my followers for sticking with me this past year. You guys have helped me to remain focused and committed in this task. For all my life I have attempted to keep Diaries and journals but without success, it seems that I needed an audience to keep me motivated in the recording of my day to day life experiences.

So thanks again for sticking around and I hope we can enjoy many more blogoversaries mine as well as yours (if you are a fellow blogger) in the future.

Toodles and catch you laters....


12th of February: Edited Extras

I enjoy getting blog awards, if comments that are left by my readers is the cake then the odd award is the icing, that makes it even more tasty :)

Ever since my first award I have wanted to be able to create one and pass it on too, I had hoped to have one ready for my blogoversary date but with everything else I was doing, I simply wasn't able to get it ready in time.

Well its ready now hence the amendment to this blog posting, so here it is:

Its the 'You Take The Coolest Photos' Award

I enjoy taking photos and hope to one day do some classes to improve my skills. When I visit other blogs I have a tendency to follow the ones which have a lot of photos (yep I'm a visual stimuli junky) hence why my blogs are so photo heavy.

So I thought its only apt that the award I create honours my love of taking and looking at great photos.

So the rules of the award if you accept it are:

  • Blog about receiving it and include the award's photo.
  • Explain to your readers why you enjoy taking photos.
  • Share about the type/s of photos you enjoy taking the most.
  • What camera model and any accessories you use to take your photos.
  • Link to the giver of the award.
  • Choose some recipients to pass the award onto.
  • Let your recipients know accepting the award is not compulsory in the least.

So there it is I have launched a new blog award and now I would like to start the ball rolling and pass it on to a few bloggers whose photography skills blow me away and leave me in awe. like I said there is no pressure to accept the award, I just want to give recognition where its due.

So without further ado, here are the recipients:

Thanks for reading the update blog post and I hope you all will enjoy receiving the award.

Ta! Ta! Again



  1. Hi Kella, I am really pleased you started blogging...if you hadn't I would not have received the wonderful necklace and earrings in your give-away...and I would not have learnt all about your Christmas and your traditional songs!!!

    Shame about the picture of the wren but l4east it gave you something extra to!
    Love the idea of the fingerless gloves....I might have to give this a try!!

  2. Happy blog anniversary, Kella. I look forward to reading many future posts.

  3. Hi Kella, well I for one am very glad you started blogging, as we are now cyber/pen pals, and it's always great to hear from you.
    You always amaze me at how much you do, what with blogging, growing,crafting, cooking and being a mother and wife. Phew !!
    I love the colour of the gloves, and I have to say that those elegant fingers and nails belie the fact you do any grungy gardening work.
    Happy 1st Blogoversary. M x

  4. Hi everyone and thanks for your congratulations.

    Tanya, I can barely believe I goofed up and lost that photo, I hope that I might get another chance, now that I know it visits there from time to time. And those fingerless gloves are a God send.

    Jo, I look foward to reading many more of your blog entries too.

    Maureen, thanks for your lovely words its fun having a penpal again after all these year. I'm afraid I am not a gloveless gardener, I have a glove for most jobs and generally wear fitted medical gloves under my working gloves most times, some how I don't enjoy the feel of dirt drying on my hands and also its great to have clean hands whenever I need them to attend to the little one, when she's put something in her eye/ other orifice (insert rolled eyes).

  5. Happy Blogiversary Kella.
    So glad I found you and your blog.

    Congrats on winning that give-away, your right it is like a belated birthday present.

    I love the gloves. Funny you talk of cold hands, my feet are always cold, and I mean really cold. eeek.

    Look forward to reading more about you, the things you do and your family, esp the girls. Many more blogiversaries to come for sure.

  6. Happy blogiversary!
    I passed an award on to you...its on my blog x

  7. Hi,

    Mangocheeks, I can't remember who found who first but I do remember being blown away when I first read yours, so the feelings are mutual.

    It sounds like you need one of those nifty feet snuggly things.

    I look forward to many more blogoversaries your way as well.

    Clare, thanks for the award I'll be sure to check it out soon.

  8. Thank you Kella for the lovely award! I had no idea you'd created it, I'm very impressed!

    I don't usually do these awards (mainly because I'm a bit lazy) but I might reconsider as it's talking about one of my favourite things!

    Here's to the next year blogging - I hope it brings you more good things xx

  9. Kella.
    I finished work early today. And came over to check out the Awards. Wow, I do like the idea, something different.

    I have just told my husband and he shouted 'Oi, that's my award then'. He's partly right, he's recently been playing with his new toy and taking some of my food pictures, but i've been plating them. I would give it to him, but he doesn't have a blog'.

    Thanking you so much for thinking of my blog. Most appreciated, humbled as Always and honoured. Thank you.

  10. Hi Deb, thanks for the blogversary good wishes. If you accept the award I look forward to hearing your thoughts regarding your photography style.

    Hi Mangocheeks, I thought your hubby might have said that as I know both of you take the photos for your blog. If you accept it maybe he could do a guest appearance and share his photo taking tips as well.

  11. Congrats to your blog award winners. Just remember that even when people don't respond they are still watching and reading.

  12. Leslie, thanks for popping in to say hi and for the blogoversary congratulations. I promise never to forget my silent readers :) even I don't comment on every blog I read.

  13. Hi again Kella, thanks so much for my award, its lovely and very much appreciated. I shall post on it soon x



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