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Friday, 7 August 2009

A Wet Job

The mini pond in the fruit area has been irritating me for weeks now with the algae bloom it has grown, so I decided today was the day for cleaning it as I had surplus water to get rid off from the girls paddling pool fun yesterday.

Pea green soup anyone? Blech!!!

So I emptied it and its contents bar some of the sludge which was not smelly thank goodness and it was also full of lots of creepy crawlies, then I well, put everything back and refilled it.

Everyone back in the 'boat'

It looks much better now, I hope it doesn’t go green again this year.

There are quite a few life forms in this pond but I found a new one today, a few fresh water shrimps, haven’t got a clue how they got here but hey ho the kids and I was glad to see it.


  1. Hi There Kella,
    Shrimps in the pond. Amazing stuff. I was looking at the mini pond at plot 45 yesterday which is just as green as yours was, so I guess it is time for 'someone' to clean it out. All I have in the pond are some diving beetles.

    I am really envious of your ladybirds. I have not seen a single one this year.

  2. It really is amazing what finds its way into ponds, the mind boggles on how they get there. Earlier this year we found we have pea cockle mussels as well.

    Lucky you having diving beetles,I would love to have some and maybe even water spiders would be nice as well.

    Yes I'm really happy with the ladybug numbers as well as the garden plants are really clean of pests.

  3. My mind is boggling - pea cockle mussels! Mother nature is certainly teasing you.

    Tell some of those beautiful lady bugs to come my way. Thanks.

  4. If I could post you some I would but they might fly off.

  5. love your blog, you love the things i love ie insects!! my lottie has been covered with loads of different ladybirds, they and there off spring completely cleared the blackfly off my broad beans!!

  6. Hi there angle shades, thanks for checking out my blog.

    Yes I'm fascinated with all things big and small and photographing them has become a new love.

    RE. the ladybugs isn't it great to see nature work when we leave well alone.



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