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Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Had a lovely day today, woke to somewhat grey skies and more forecasted, a day out was planned for the girls but they couldn’t wake up for the early session so arranged to go out for the afternoon instead.

So with the morning free I went out to do some watering and pottering in the garden. While doing my rounds I noticed a white thing under the scalloped squash plant (now as you know I recently tidied up the yard and as such there is no rubbish type stuff lying around for the wind to pick up and shove into nooks and crannies). On further investigation I found a medium sized patty pan squash, well SURPRISE!!! I was flabbergasted as to when it started to grow as I didn’t see it at all. it’s the first of the season and weighed 1oz less than a pound. If I had found it a day or two later it probably would have been better to leave it to mature and be used as a winter squash but then the other fruits may not have developed. I do plan to grow a couple of these plants next year for winter storage.

Before going out I also harvested some more beans, tomatoes and a cucumber.

Well just as we were leaving the house the weather suddenly brightened and remained beautiful for the rest of the day. On the way home the girls were moaning constantly about being hot and sticky (insert me rolling my eyes) and since the paddling pool which I filled yesterday was still full and was in the sun since we left home, I suggested they donned their bathing suits as soon as we got in and go cool off, whoopee!!!! It saved the afternoon and my nerves, whew!
While we were out I bought a 125L bag of compost and yes lugged it home on the bus, please don’t ask. Now with compost at hand I cracked on with a job I had been wanting to do since the weekend, which was potting up the tomato plants grown from cuttings into their final black bucket pots. As you can see I had a little helper, she turned out to be quite good and the potting up finished a lot quicker than I would have expected.

Now the tomatoes are in their final places in the greenhouse the other plants have all been pushed out of the spaces they were in but never mind most of those plants will be moving back into the conservatory as soon as the weather turns. It will be just a little tight going for a while.

On the way inside to prepare dinner I noticed some more tomatoes needed picking which weren’t ready this morning, must have been all those lovely hot sunrays today.

Here a couple more pictures taken today.
Here is another new sunflower to greet me today.

Hawthorn Shieldbug 'Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale'


  1. I don't think I have ever tasted scalloped squash, what is it like?

    I am thinking about growing some next year, as I have them growing happily up here.

  2. Mangocheeks I wold say its flesh is similar to courgette but firmer, taste wise certainly more flavoursome.

    I have never eaten one this size (approx 5")before normally I pick them when they are about 3" across, so they don't have much seeds.

    Tonight I'll cook it and see if the flavour and texture is different, also I have only ever grown the yellow variety before wheter this will affect taste is left to be seen.

    I found out late last year they can be grown as a winter squash but since I was already growing loads of winter varietes I decide to keep it as a summer harvester, but next year I might grow one plant as a summer and one as a winter.

  3. Hi Kella, that's a nice harvest. It makes all the work seem worth it doesn't it. My lottie neighbour grows the patty pan squash, I love the colour and shape, although I have never tasted one. So I think I might try planting some next year.

  4. Well it tasted delish, there was a subtle difference in flavour from the yellow but the texture was the same and lovely even though it was a little bigger than I normally harvest them.

    Maureen harvesting a variety of foods everyday or so fills me with pride in myself and what I can produce, I'm sure you know what I mean.

    And try growing it next year both of you I'm sure you all won't be disappointed.



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