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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Just a Couple Pictures

Wednesday night's dinner - roasted patty pan squash, tofu, yellow cherry tomatoes, runner beans, spring onions with garden herbs, chestnut oils, ground black pepper and salt to taste. It was served with spaghetti.

I saved this nasturtium plant from ending up in supermarket Morrison's bins, it was practically dead but look at the reward for a little water and plant food. I hope the seed comes true.

Another sunflower greeted me again Thursday morning.

The red orache is starting to set seed.

The sweet corn is getting me excited.

I found this earwig on one of my scotch bonnet plants, generally they don't get into trouble but sometimes they attack flowers, so I moved him to the compost bin where I know they like to hang out in my garden.

Late Thursday night I saw this little beauty a Straw Dot 'Rivula sericealis', the lighting was really bad and to top it off it only kept still long enough for a photo on this multicoloured tea towel.

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