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Friday, 28 August 2009

My Version of a Tomato Tart???

Well if you have been keeping up to date with my postings you would be aware of the tomato glut that has descended up our home, I'm picking approx 3lbs of tomatoes every other day. Thankfully there are others out there in blog land also experiencing the same bountiful harvest and have been posting their ideas on how to use up all those lush sun ripened tomatoes.

I know I could be making sun dried tomatoes or tomato sauces but I'm not ready to as yet. What I really wanted was more cook and eat now recipes and thankfully another blogger came to my rescue with her tomato tart recipe, she also posted another tomato based recipe last night which I hope to try over the weekend/ next week.

So with the tart recipe for inspiration, I began to search out a vegan version. I found this one and like the author decided to forgo the puff pastry (mainly because I didn’t have any) and instead decided to make a soft pizza base (I normally make thin crispy bases for my pizzas). The only other changes I made was to sprinkle about a tablespoon of reduced balsamic vinegar on the compiled dish before baking.

The pizza dough

The 1st layer: caramelized onions (not as much as the recipe called for, my mum doesn't like them).

The 2nd and 3rd layers thickly sliced tomatoes, followed by olives and capers.

Nicely done after twenty five minutes in the oven.

It was delish with my homemade pesto.


  1. Sounds good...well except for the olive part...think I would have to leave those out (shudder!)

  2. Mmmm, that looks delicious. My tomatoes are ripening a bit quicker now, and I'm picking every other day too. Not quite as many as you though.

  3. Hi guys, the glut is really getting scary now, I picked another 3+lbs today. Last year I probably got the same amount of toms off my plants but it was spread over a much longer period but this warm dry weather has been like steriods to my plants.

    Its a good thing I decided to grow some in the greenhouse from cuttings taken in June because at this rate I might be out of toms by end of September, at least I'll have the greehouse ones to look forward to.

  4. Kella,
    Your vegan tart is both tantalizing to the eyes and to the tongue. It truly does look good with those colours, and as you vouch for it, I am sure it tasted lovely. I especially love the addition of the olive and capers, it must have given the tart the extra twang!

    Like you I have just picked a load more tomatoes today, so it may have to be a tomato sauce over the weekend.

  5. Hi Mangocheeks, the harvest is certainly forcing me to think of new ways to cook them, tonight we had ratatouille with pesto dressed pasta, no picture though as we were all to hungry and I plane forgot.

    I hope to start bottling the ‘Roma’ and the ‘San Marzano II’ toms in their whole form to use this winter instead of Tesco's tinned toms.



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