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Sunday, 8 March 2009

A Productive Weekend

Saturday started off beautifully with lots of sunshine, after getting Nathifa of to drama classes. I went outside about 10.30am to do a spot of weeding. Normally I dread this task but the areas to be weeded is full of light fluffy soil with young weeds which were easy to pull out. Here is a before and after shot of one of the three areas I did today. The after shot revealed some young beetroot and kale plants that can be used in salads over the next couple weeks.

I finished just after 1.00pm and stopped for lunch. While I ate the weather turned to cloudy and the wind began to pick up which changed the temperature drastically, so I called it a day. Before I went in though I took a few pictures of some more spring blooms to share with you all.

Sunday (today) also started off beautifully so I took the opportunity to lay some more bricks which I am using to pave the areas around and in between the vege beds. I'm afraid that kept me busy for about just over three and a half hours then the weather turned decidedly colder with strong winds and later hail and rain so I called it a day once I had finished the front of the vege garden area. the picture shows before and after shots of part of the area I did.

A quick peek in the greenhouse has shown the large sunflowers to be germinating.

Today I got a picture of a young frog in the boggy area around the vege pond, not sure if its the same one I saw yesterday in the pond but it was about the same size.

We started harvesting the alfalfa sprouts since yesterday and they are going down a treat as you can see in the picture with most of it been eaten. Will be sowing some more tomorrow, I also sowed some mung beans for sprouting on Friday so those should be ready for stir frying in a few more days.

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