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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Weather Did Hold But Not For Long.

Well the weekend turned out to be fabulous and we all had a great time visiting with the extended members of our family. The gardening bug followed me to South London and I spent a few hours preparing a little herb patch for my aunt (sorry no piccies) in the area I planted up three plants I brought for from my garden a mint, oregano and bunch of chives. I also decide to sow some carrots and lettuce seeds in part of the area to prevent the bare ground becoming recolonized with.

Saturday morning had evidence of quite a hard frost even the vege ponds' surface was frozen but this did not last long with the warm spring sunshine that followed. Before we went up to South London I saw two comma butterflies dancing on the wind, they were too quick to get a picture though. There was also signs of the par-cel and agastache starting to germinate.

Even yesterday Monday was not to bad weather wise with a mixed day all round ending with rain I got lots of potting up of seedlings done mainly curcubits and some french marigolds.
I had my first sighting of a wasp for the season most likely a queen she was searching out nesting sites in the greenhouse, investigating every possible nook and cranny as you can see.

Today the bitter cold wind is definitely up but the sun is trying to break though and maybe it will, I'm off to the greenhouse now 10.00am will fill you in later to night after I get some stuff done, see you later.
Well I got more potting up of seedlings done, in particular tomatoes. I also sowed my yardlong beans, courgettes and summer squashes.

Well that's a wrap for now.

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