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Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Clocks Have Gone Foward and The Sun Came Out To Play.

Yesterday I noticed there was signs of the ulluca growing with leaf buds seen in some of the pots. There was also germination of the brussel sprouts noted.

Today the clocks went forward so here comes the long sunny evenings (I hope). Woke up to light freezing of the vege ponds water, there is more forecasted for tonight so everything has been put to bed properly IE whats in the greenhouse has propagator lids over them and the potatoes which have sprouted their leaves already have had a double layer of newspaper placed on them.

The sun came out today which made being outside very pleasant, there was a cold breeze though that blew from time to time.

Today the girls and I sowed some seeds into our old leaky garden wellingtons; morning glory and nasturtium for the girls two pairs and a trailing nasturtiums for my pair.

I was also busy today with repotting house plants and the Greek basil plants that were successfully overwintered. A honeysuckle plant that I bought last year was also put into a bigger pot, I also pruned it back a bit as the growth was quite straggly and was getting damaged easily. Tomorrow I will create an in pot type trellis to tie it into, which I hope will keep it safe till I can put it into the ground.

I checked the sweetpea seeds that were sown in another pair of the girls old wellies and found signs of germination in one of them.

The frog spawn is disintegrating rapidly as the tadpoles grow there are signs of wriggling now, I tried o capture them on film maybe you will be able to see the wriggles.

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