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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Spring Had Begun & Was Passing Me By.....

Its no secret as I have mentioned in the comments left on some of the gardening blogs I follow, my poor garden has been sadly neglected this spring and this has left me feeling quite irritated with myself.

Though I have made it to the allotment, the poor garden seems to be so unloved at this most important time of the growing season. I will pay for my procrastination and lack of gardening get up and go, as their will be no early lettuce, beetroots, carrots or even radishes for us this April and my daughters are not at all impressed (they both really look forward to fresh homegrown foods every year).

But before you think I am trying to garner forgiveness for my laziness, not to worry, look out for my next posting, where you would see that I have not only repented but have started to make amends.

But in the mean time here is a photo timeline of what I have seen in the garden whenever I took a wander round it. These little investigative walks kept reminding me that time was indeed not standing still and waiting for me to fall back in love with my garden.

Spring was here even if I didn't seem to know it, and life was bursting forth anew....

Lesser Celandine 15/03/2010

I planted this Coltsfoot last year in the boggy patch around the vege garden mini pond, was pleasantly surprised to see it start flowering on 17/03/2010.

Daffodils began opening on the 18/03/2010.
18/03/2010, all this week there has been a flock of Redwings (approx 20+) on the green in the front of our house.
A few crocuses still to be seen on the 20/03/2010.

26/03/2010 First harvest of the newly emerging chives and from the overwintered outdoor grown thyme, no oregano as yet though.

Tulips began opening 01/04/2010

Hyacinths are in beginning to open 01/04/2010
01/04/2010 Winter doesnt want to let go, does he?

The winter was certainly a harsh one as the brick paving between some of my vege beds would attest to.

The playhouse spring flowers are in attendance.

The Primroses are finally making an appearance 04/04/2010.

04/04/2010 I have a serious block and cannot remember the name of these flowers.

05/04/2010, can't remember the names of these either, but this was the first blossom.

Grape Hyacinth 05/04/2010, not long till these open.
The mini beast have been in attendance for weeks now, I would say as early as the first week of March, but they were so flighty, I have found them really difficult to photograph till this past week.
Comma Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly, there has been a lot of these this spring, I don't think I have ever seen this many so early in the year.

This wood pigeon appeared unwell as it sat on a vege bed, unmoving with us within a couple feet of it. Then we went inside it and when we returned it was gone, no sign of feathers so I don't believe it was predated.

Lots of bumblebee species about but like the butterflies have also been really difficult to photograph. Not sure what this one's story was though, it was totally obsessed with this empty compost bag.

Ladybugs are also a around in much larger numbers I have seen in years, their population seems to be up and thriving which is great. Last year I saw my first 7-spot in JUNE!!! but this spring I have seen droves of them in all manner of places, not just my garden. At least with their numbers up and away so early in the year at least we gardeners know the aphids would not have got much of a head start if any at all in their number growth this year, have anyone else noticed increase numbers in their ladybug populations in their neck of the woods.

More primroses, this time of the pink persuasion.

Lungwort o6/o4/2010, I forgot about this little plant of mine, till I observed others flowering in my neighbours gardens.
More ladybugs, some have even started mating, I tell you things look good for them this year.

My kids and I love these trees that have recently started flowering around our neighbourhood (07/04/2010) and we have christened them 'pom pom' trees, but I think they are some sort of cherry blossom trees.


  1. some beautiful pics...thank you for sharing!

  2. you have some beautiful flowers in your garden! i love how everything is waking up so much now, on saturday in particular our garden felt so alive x

  3. Kella, this is a post well worth waiting for, lots of lovely flowers and some nice bugs !! not too creepy. aren't the little white nodding flowers 'snowdrops' ? M x

  4. wow, what a lot of flowers springing up - gorgeous post!

  5. Hello everyone, thanks for all your lovely comments, spring flowers are certainly uplifting after enduring the many months of cold, grey and dark winter landscapes. I'm glad you all enjoyed the photos.

    Maureen these aren't snowdrops, they grow much tallerand have a lot more leaves which are also darker in colour, they also flower later in the season. I think Tanya (allotment4you) also had a clump in her garden.



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