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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

And I Thought Last Week was Tiring!!!!!!!

I don’t know why I thought last week was hectic as this week found me rushing around with not much time for myself, so let’s not even think of the garden. I barley had time to take photos.

I’m also still trying desperately to recover from the late nights from the baby making weekend which became a losing battle as this week has added some very late nights of its own.

So Tuesday I went into town to purchase birthday gifts for my youngest whose birthday was on Thursday. Could not find the requested dressing gown so purchased some material with the plan that my mum would sew one up for me over the Tuesday and Wednesday night. I also had plans to use the sewing machine over the next few days to sew a costume for my oldest daughter as on Friday they were having a dressing up day at school - (the theme being to represent your favourite country).

Well my mum comes home and flummoxed my plans by telling me as she is working late on Wednesday she won’t be coming home and will be overnight by her sis- (AAARRRGH!!!!!! But mum, I need you sew something for me {interject pleading face and whinny voice} hoping she’ll pull an all nighter for her grandchild - fat chance :( ).
Instead after dinner she cuts out the material and shows me how to put all the pieces together in the right order. Bed time - 01:45am.

Wednesday I hoped to get started on dressing gown, not a chance as my youngest is acting very peculiar and wants to be on me. Finally during her afternoon nap I get started but don’t get very far before its time to do the afternoon school run.
Finally after helping my oldest to complete her homework which is due on the Friday (which the printer won’t print - aaarrrggghhh!!!!!), dinner and bedtimes I am able to get stuck in, everything actually went together smoothly but just when I got started sewing on the snaps the youngest wakes up and wants to be cuddled. I figure I better call it a night and join her in bed. Bed time - 02:30am
Thursday was my youngest fourth birthday and as I don’t do parties for my girls every year, I aim to make the day as special as possible, plus all the other preparations such as cake baking and cooking favourite dinner, etc. I completed the dressing gown during her afternoon nap. (I STILL CAN’T GET %^&^$ PRINTER TO WORK).
The afternoon was filled with birthday celebrations both here and via skype to the States with my sister who is in NY. Well it was all worth it as good times were had by all on both sides of the Atlantic with my sister enjoying her virtual birthday cake and drink :) . The new four year old loves all her gifts including the dressing gown which turned out well if I do say so myself.
Right so I get them off to bed and get started on the oldest daughter’s costume which was done in a fairly short time but then I spend near on three hours trying to get the printer to work, I gave up when I found myself half asleep in front the PC and woke up feeling sick to the stomach with exhaustion I transferred it all to a memory stick with the hope the school will let me print out her homework in their office. Bed time - 03:30am.

Friday is my dedicated laundry day, well forget it I get my oldest off to school looking great in her Amerindian costume which represents the original people of Trinidad the country of her birth. The school is understanding and lets me print out her homework. I return home and promptly put on the one eye monster for my youngest and allow her to OD on Cbeebies while I put myself to bed.
I know what you are thinking this must be the end of it but I’m afraid not. I do end up doing two loads of laundry later in the evening as my daughter has drama Saturday and needs a clean uniform but I do get off to bed by 23:00hrs as I have to take her to drama because my OH is on call and as such can’t do it this weekend. Which basically means another early start for me Saturday morning.On returning Saturday afternoon from the morning activities the washing that was neglected Friday needed completing but at least I was in bed by 22:00hrs.

Sunday was a lovely day where I did a bit of pottering in the garden watering plants, removing side shoots from the tomatoes, tying plants to their supports, digging up a pretty successful garlic crop and other small jobs (have decide that I will stick to autumn planting as those cloves produced the largest and most successful bulbs, the spring planted cloves produced medium size bulbs with the tiniest cloves producing marbled sized bulbs which I will use first. I also noticed that a lot of the spring planted cloves had also started to produce flower buds which were snapped off and added to Sunday‘s roasted vegetables).
The afternoon was spent entertaining family from abroad who I haven’t seen since 2004. So the girls got to meet some of their cousins and they all played beautifully while the adults caught up and reminisced but it meant another late night for everyone with my head finally hitting a pillow at 01:30am, oh dear and I was doing so well.
Monday my body decided since I didn’t know when to stop it would stop for me and gave me a wacking great headache which lasted all day and only was lessened if I remained flat on my back with my nose firmly in a good book. So I’m afraid it was another Cbeebies marathon for my youngest much to her delight. I made sure I got to bed by 22:30hrs.
Anyway alls well that ends well and this morning I feel much better and pretty much like my old self so I’m off to the garden to get my fingers dirty :) .
Here are a couple pictures I was able to get when I ran outside to open and close the greenhouse:

The purple french beans are beging to pod up.

The oregano has begun to flower, the bees will be pleased

Look at the carrot flower fully open isn't it grand!!

The first sunflower to open the others which are dotted around the garden are way behind.

The kids sweet pea flowers have begun to bloom and they smell delish.

I know I shared a pic of one of the flowering chamomile flowers in my last post but this one looked so beautiful with dew drops on it I thought I would share it with you all.

The fennel flowers are now open much to the delight of the hoverflies.

The poor water lily that lives in a large bucket must be happy as this is it's fourth flower this year.

The coriander plants are going to seed.

The coneflowers are looking great in he mini meadow.

My carniverous plants in the boggy area around the veg garden mini pond have struggled a little with all this dry weather because the water butts have run almost dry i have had to ration the watering of this area. This is the first decent pitcher thats been produced out of the three plants but at least they are alive.


  1. Your daughter looks fab in her costume and your youngest daughter's dressing gown is lovely. It was all worthwhile!
    It's absolutely hectic here at the moment too. There's so much going on with it being the end of term, and my daughter is also changing schools this year as she will be 11 next week. They both do out of school activities and there's more than usual going on. I'm finding myself having to check my diary every single day as I just can't keep up with everything they're up to!
    Your garden certainly isn't looking like it's been neglected though, your flowers are beautiful.

  2. WOW !!!!you are one busy lady. Lucky little girls having such a dedicated mummy, you deserve a lovely week ahead, so I'm wishing one for you. Your flowers and plants look lovely, the dressing gown fab and tell your daughter she looked lovely in her costume.
    Now take a break !!

  3. Jo I am in exactly the same position as you re: keeping a close eye on my daughters school and outer school activities. I swear the schools have tried to cram a years worth of activities into the last six weeks of the school year.

    Maureen I will definately be taking things at a more relaxed pace this week. The garden would hopefully see a lot more of me and with all this wet weather I hope to get more in situ seed sowing done as well.

    Thanks for the compliments re my garden's flowers and the sewing projects, my daughter enjoyed wearing her costume and being dressed for the part.

    And I'm quite chuffed with the way the dressing gown turned out as it has been a while since I have sewn anything remotely challenging,

    Best of all my mum is quite proud of me as well, I suppose we never really grow up re pleasing our parents :)



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