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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

So ends June

So I returned quite late Sunday night with the rest of the family who spent the weekend at a relative celebrating a cousins 24th birthday.

The garden greeted me with a few more mangetout peas and a few signs of progress but no major catastrophes.

The weather remains dry though my neighbour said we had a particularly good rain shower Sunday morning, although to look at the soil its kind of hard to believe.

The tomato side shoots I put to root in water a week or so back have started to root, so I’ll need to pot them up soon.

Well to tell the honest truth I’m still trying to get my energy levels up after the late nights over the weekend, so outside of watering and removing side shoots from the tomato plants not much has been done over the last two days.

PS I have also updated my savings for June month for those following this post.

Here's a couple photos of what greeted me on my return:

The wild yarrow has begun to flower.

In the mini meadow area the most successful flower has been the corncockles which are now in flower.

The chamomile plants that were sent to me as rooted cuttings last autumn by a generous A4A member have begun to flower, I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were a double petal variety.

My hollyhocks have been disappointingly lacking in height and in blossoms, but this dark variety greeted me on my return.

Another plant to disappoint height wise this year has also started flowering - the evening primroses.

The purple podded french beans have started flowering.

As well as the borlotto beans.

And while out with my daughters we spied our first monarch butterfly of the year.

The ying yang beans which started flowering a couple weeks ago now have young pods forming. I'm growing these with the outdoor tomatoes under a semi cover for harvesting the mature dry beans in the autumn.

Runner beans beginning to grow pods as well.

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  1. Lovely photos of your flowers. My Evening Primrose is also in flower at the moment.
    Your runner beans are ahead of mine. Mine haven't started flowering yet.



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