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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Gotta Keep On Growing...

Just a quick progress report on what I’ve up to over the last few days.

Lots of seed sowing.

Cucumbers are now big enough for me to start using nets to support the fruit and to keep them of the ground.

The second scotch bonnet plant's chillies have begun to ripen.

Well it was only fear of breaking plants that I didn't faint with shock, my first melon was discovered two days ago, 'come on baby grow, grow'.
Oh and the kohl rabi I sowed at the beginning of the week are up already.
My Harvest This Week:

Yes I know the ochro in the picture looks tiddly but I grew it so I'll eat it, it's been this size for a week now, so I don't think it will get any bigger. The carrots were an unexpected surprise, these were from last autumn sowing, earlier this year I harvested some which tasted muddy so they were left to go to seed on request by my eldest as she wanted to see what carrot flowers looked like. Well while tidying up around that bed yesterday i noticed a couple of the left roots which didn't have any flower stalks were looking a little fat around the collar but as they didn't have much leafy growth I hadn't payed them much mind before. I decided to puul them up and see what the roots looked like and happily found perfectly good size edible carrots all be it a bit bendy. They had an extremely sweet smell and taste when they were roasted below with the rest of the harvested crops (see pic below) and in case you are wondering the variety was 'Autumn King 2'.

Vegetables for dinner: Olive oil roasted courgette, carrots, french beans and the tiddly ochro with home harvested opium poppy seeds all seasoned with my homegrown herbs and salt and ground black pepper to taste.

Mini Beasts


This peacock butterfly has been dodging me for days.

While reading some other bloggers writings late into the night this lacewing landed on the monitor to see what was keeping me up so late.
PS my monthly savings post has been updated.


  1. Hi Kella,

    Your blog looks very inspiring & your veg look amazing, loving those carrots!

    Clare x

  2. Clare thanks for popping in, the carrots were absolutely delicious, I hope you'll pop back again.

  3. Hey Kella,

    As always, your blog is an inspiration to us all! It certainly looks as if you're harvesting plenty of top-notch veg and as for your melon, I'm sending loads of good growing vibes your way!

    Cal (

  4. Thanks for the growing vibes Callum, my melon needs all the help it can get.



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