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Friday, 26 March 2010

Some Allotment Updates

Some very quick updates so you all don't think I have fallen off the gardening planet (I am also way behind reading all the blogs I follow but will visiting you all soon). My season is starting very slowly with lots of hiccups I have never really experienced before, like the non-germinating of seeds, I have been sowing but very little is germinating, which might mean my seed's viability is low or my compost need to be fresh batch.

In my garden I have next to nothing what with the blogshop taking up lots of my time and I am struggling to find a balance but will get there in the end. I am hoping that the Easter holidays will see me time plenty, emphasis on the words 'I hope'.

But I really want to show you all that progress is being made on the allotment front and its been much quicker than I envisioned/ expected, due to some kind and helpful plot neighbours.


On Mother's Day I went to the plot for a few hours to get some digging done and marking out of more beds. Another plot holder was there with his rotavator and offered to dig over the area for me with it. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I accepted but removed all the perennial and surface weeds first.

Once I was done he rotavated it and tada! a good three days/ visits of work done. I also while I was there cut some carpet into footpath width to lay in my footpaths when all my beds are marked out.

I spent this week mostly nursing two sick girls but with all the decent weather we had that week I bundled them up on the Wednesday and took them to the allotment, to dig some of the previously marked out bed.
The allotment gods smiled on me yet again as there was another plot holder on site with his mantis rotavator who offered to dig over my beds once I was finished removing weeds, so tada! again two beds were done instead of one and if I had got there half an hour earlier I might have gotten the third and currently last bed done too but that had to be left for another day.
Sunday the 21st I made it the plot again, I know! I could barely believe it myself :) I went to the plot to meet up with the other two members of our little group that rents our little section. We wanted to clear up a lot of the old wood lying around to create a bonfire, which needs to be done before April the 1st. We also wanted to work on building some compost bins.
Two of us got there just after lunch and just as we were going to get stuck in I spotted an unwelcome visitor, some one's pet rabbit, so after an energetic chase we caught the cutie and went door knocking to find his home but had no luck so we secured him in a box and got on with our tasks.
About 2 hours later another one was spotted and this one was much harder to catch but catch him we did. We did find someone in the are who took care of rabbits but they weren't hers but she offered to keep them and to put up some lost flyers, etc.

We were happy with the days other outcomes as well We got three bins filled and lined with carpet offcuts (the pic below is before they were properly completed). Lids and doors were attached. Only one more to be built now and that job will be completed.

The bonfire was built but not lit as people had their washing out. I had hoped to fire it up by now but family life and the recent rainy evening put paid to that. Hopefully I can do so tomorrow evening before it gets dark.
With the clearing up of the woody prunnings, etc the back end of my plot which I need to clear for this seasons squash crops, got sorted some what.

So thats where the plot is at the moment, because of help from other plot hoders I am ahead of where I expected to be, so I'm very thankful for their help.

P.S I blogged about my crafty day out here.


  1. What a fab allotment week - well done for doing so much, especially as you had to spent time chasing that cute little mischief rabbit :-)

  2. it's always nice when people offer help/advice. That is one of the things I have enjoyed so much about having my allotment. I hope the girls are feeling better now and I hope the weather stays fine for us both over easter as I have big plot plans too!!!!

  3. Scented Sweetpeas, I am very pleased to be ahead of schedule, only problem is the back garden is giving me the evil eye everytime I look out the kitchen window, its feeling rather neglected. The rabbit captures were certainly eventful, I didn't share with you all the painful nail through my heel for my troubles.

    Tanya, it certainly is nice to be experiencing the niceties of allotment life. I hope the weather stays fine for us bot too.

  4. I hope your girls are feeling better, Kella. What helpful plot neighbours you've got, that's saved you a heap of time. I hope someone claims their bunny's, they look well cared for.

  5. Hi Jo, my neighbours certainly saved me loads of work and I couldn't be more grateful.

    The girls are much better but I must admit my throat tonight feels a bit suspect, Its all wrapped up in one of my trusty scarves, to help keep whatever is brewing away.

  6. Kella,
    You've accomplished so much. Its good to have helpful neighbours too.
    It made me smile that you spent time chasing little bunnies. How energetic!
    I hope you and your girls are feeling better. Have a good week.

  7. What a great story about getting your allotment garden started! I enjoy reading about your gardens very much Kella, and love your motto: Individuality Rocks!!! : ) lenna

  8. Hi mangocheeks, I feel ever so grateful to have nice plot neighbours and thank goodness I accepted their assistance, as this week is a total washout.

    Chasing those bunnies was certainly calorie burning. And yes the girls and I are all better now, so we should have a nice two weeks Easter break staring from Friday coming.


    Hi Lenna, thanks for popping by and for saying hi and thanks for enjoying my blog, i hope I can continue to please :)

    Yep and you are sure right Individuality certainly ROCKS!!!!!

  9. You've certainly been busy! I'm looking forward to getting some advice on allotments from you over the summer for the London Vegetable Garden, so will be watching your progress with keen interest!

  10. Hi Callum, I might have some useful tit bits to share from time to time but like you I am an allotment virgin, this being my first year on one, so we'll be learning together, thats for sure :)

  11. Oh my goodness, no wonder you haven't had much time for blogging, look how busy you've been! How lovely your fellow plot holders are too!

    It's exciting when you get your plot for the first time, all that promise of things to come! xx

  12. Hi Deb its great to see you here :)

    The plot with all its promises certainly is getting all my gardening energy but the daggers I am getting from the neglected garden is starting to smart just a little :)

    There'll be no early lettuces or carrots thats for sure.

  13. Please come over tomorrow to ‘get’ your A2K Happy Family card for the 555th blog post giveaway. It’s make more sense tomorrow, promise.

  14. Ok Mangocheeks will do but by the way how am I to sleep tonight now that you got me wondering what's up ;)



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