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Friday, 19 March 2010

Blogshop is Reopened for business and more APOLOGIES!!!

So I know you gardening lot have been making real in roads into your spring preparations on your plots or in your gardens and I promise you I have been getting things done as well, although I haven't been posting about it. I made it to the allotment again this week but I will be posting about all my gardening updates on Sunday. The camera is cooperating and I have lots to show, I just don't have anymore energy to give to writing.

Besides gardening I have spent and enormous amount of time on the computer spring cleaning my blogshop, a lot has been changed and work has also been done on new items which needed to be listed which also takes a large amount of time when you do a big list like I have done (I even pulled an all nighter Wednesday night, to get everything done).

Anyhoo, so that's why I am all computered out, so please accept my apologies yet again for being so laxed with my posting (oh dear! this is becoming a bit of a habit).

So you maybe wondering why did I burn the midnight, midday, morning, afternoon and evening oil. Well another reason for overhauling my blogshop (which I had planned to do but was dragging my feet re the design, etc) is that little old me is being featured on another blog today, I am not going to go into detail here as I just finished typing the reason out on my other blog, so please pop over there to Me But A Little More In Depth for the low down.

Thankfully though I am having a full day to myself today this post has been time set to post itself and by the time it does this, I should be on a train to London to enjoy a lovely day out, read here to find out why.

Wishing you all a lovely day soon, I'll check back in later to catch up with you all.


  1. Sounds like you've been overdoing things, Kella. Hopefully today will be just what you need after everything you've been up to. Hope you have a lovely day at the stitch and craft show.

  2. Hi Jo, yes i think I have been overdoing it a bit but sometimes we have to march to that beat. This week should be much more sedate, with seed sowing and gardening work taking precedence.

    I had a fab day yesterday it was just what I needed. Will share on the other blog later today.

  3. You deserve that day Kella...and don't worry about blogging often...we are all here when you do blog and love to read all about what you've been up to!!

  4. Tanya, thanks for saying so. Its funny I didn't realise I need a day like that till I knew I was getting it.



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