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Monday, 11 January 2010

Snow Fun

Well we the entire family of five finally got to do our snowy winter walk through the woods, I surprised the kids wit a sledding treat using my very large seed trays which worked better when we stuck them into two blue sacks some other kids discarded when they were through with them.

Here are some photos of our walk.

Someone built an igloo.

This house which backs onto the woods always looks grand after it snows.

The little stream that runs through the woods broke its banks due to vegetation debris and flooded a low lying area on the edge of the woods that is prone to bogginess. I'm afraid i got trigger happy with the camera and took a lot of photos of the frozen water, etc.

The picture on the right shows where it broke its bank.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and of course didn't want to go home.

On the walk home I spied this frozen fellow being snowed upon, he didn't look upset though, actually I think he quite enjoyed it. And I love to see the bids footprints in the snow.
When we arrived home we polished of the rest of the mince pies my mum baked the night before with some hot chocolate to warm us through. These pies were made with store bought pastry (but back home it would either be made with a simple dough mixture of flour, salt, baking powder and water, sometimes puff pastry is used), the filling was based on the West Indian version of mince pies, which are filled with well seasoned (that is lots of fresh herbs along with your salt and black pepper) cooked minced beef (we used though the vege substitute minced TVP/ soya mince as we call it).
Back home to give the filling extra kick scotch bonnet chili chopped fine would be added, along with other yummy flavourful punches such as chopped olives and raisins, we left out the chillies though.
They are lovely hot out the oven but taste just as nice room temp. Back home they are normally made much bigger like the size of an open palm and are generally eaten as a meal in the evening with local veg on the side.
Because of their parcel packaging they also make great fast food and before the KFCs' and other fast food outlets took over the world they would be one of the things you could buy from a street vendor for lunch or after a late night of Trini Feteing!!!


  1. Very pretty pictures, especially the bird foot prints & I love the videos, looks like so much fun!
    The pies look so yummy, I had a recent obsession with street food from all over the world and was trying to build up a collection of recipes.
    Just realised I never posted the recipes you asked for, sorry! Will try to get round to it later on. x

  2. Love your photo's and videos...What fun you had!
    And your Mums pies look divine! Bet they were fab to come home to after being out in the snow!

  3. Good morning Clare and Mama Syders,

    the kids certainly did have lots of fun and there were tears from the youngest when it was time to go home.

    The pies were scrumptious to eat, especially as we had worked up an appetite tramping through the deep snow.

    Clare I look forward to your posting of the recipe.

    Wishing you both a lovely day.

  4. I loved the videos. The kids looked like they had a fab time.

  5. Hi Jo, the little one wanted to go today again but I had errands to run.

  6. Hey looks like the kids had great fun and it was really interesting to learn about your mince pies...very different from the English version...I think the closest thing England has to your mince pies is a cornish pasty...have you ever tried these??? If not and you decide you want to don't by them from the supermarket as they aren't very good but those from local butchers around my home are fantastic...Now you've had your snow fun I hope it goes away...I really need to see some colour back in my life!!

  7. Tanya, Oh the kids surely are enjoying the snow , they were out again this afternoon till dark, building an igloo this time.

    The snow is so heavy on the ground down here, that its only a couple days of steady rain will get rid of it.

    I have heard of the Cornish pasty but I think because it would have to try a vege one, I may never get to know what a real one tastes like. And yes supermarket versions of well loved traditional foods are rarely ever good, I think its because they cook without love, iykwim.



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