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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Golly! What A Lot of Snow

Well we have been living in a snowy wonderland since Tuesday Night. Schools were closed Thursday and Friday, my mum was stuck up in London by relatives from the Tuesday till Friday evening and as it is I don't see her be able to get to work on Monday coming. My husband on Wednesday evening 20 minutes away from home was stranded in the sudden heavy snowfall and remained that way for three and a half hours. getting home after nine in the evening.

The kids have been beyond themselves with playing in the snow and hubby who also suddenly had extra days off joined in with them. I though have not felt the need to go out in the snow but had decided yesterday to go for a walk in the woods today to take some photos and to enjoy the beauty but as you can see in the video above the weather has not been conducive to leisurely walks in the woods. From day break till now the winds have been blowing hard and the snow hasn't stopped falling.

Prior to all the snow we have had, there were signs of spring on its way with the emergence of tip of daffodil leaves piercing the soil surface. There are now under at least 10" of snow.

On a completely different note; another winter squash review. Pictured above is:- Kobocha. It is a small winter squash very sweet and not at all stringy, the texture of the flesh is very dense, with very fat seeds that should lend well to roasting (though I didn't try). It is much sweeter than butternuts and I think it would make a great American pumpkin pie.

I cooked it roasted and sauteed with other veges, both ways worked well and I think this is one I would be happy to grow again.

Oh! I almost forgot I have finally bitten the bullet and made public my other blog Me But A Little More In Depth, so feel free to check it out and if you ever want to go to it again the links can be found in the right hand column under About Me


  1. Well your outdoor views are pretty much the same as mine Kella and to be honest I just want all the snow gone so that I can get on with some serious gardening and sorting...the white stuff is nice for a couple of days....but come on.....ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

  2. I know what you mean Tanya but when it does start to melt I always feel a bit sad.

  3. Hi Kella,
    Thanks for your comment on my post!
    My scarf was soooo easy to make.
    I'm putting the pattern for the scarf on my blog now. All you need to know is what a double crochet is...If you go on youtube, type in double crochet and up will pop various tutorials. The scarf can easily be completed in one/two evenings in front of the TV!

  4. Mama Syder thanks for the you tube tip, so thats what they call a double crochet, I can do that :)

    Off to check out that pattern.



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