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Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Sun is Back, Yah!!!

Well after a couple of wet days the sun is back out this weekend so I'm back on track. The kids sowed some more sunflowers, sweet pea and nasturtium flowers to be planted along the new picket fence later in the season. I sowed some lime basil, parsley, coriander and some Violetta globe artichoke that was sent to me by an A4A member.

I finally got round to adding more soil to the potato planters all were earthed up except the main crop potatoes as the only broke through the soil surface late last week.

Another job I was procrastinating over was the potting up of the bodi plants. They have been potted up into a large pot with their supports and will be moved from the conservatory to the greenhouse mid May or when the nighttime temps remain consistently at 15 degrees plus.
I've noticed the red orache has begun germinating already, that's only four days since sowing.

With the arrival of the sun the wildlife was abundant. I saw quite a few butterflies, but only was able to identify and photograph two types. On the left we have an orange tip, I saw both male and females, only the males have the orange tip to their wings. And on the right we have a speckled wood, I can't remember ever seeing this one before so its a first for me.

The robin I introduced yesterday has now been joined by Mrs robin in gathering food, they were both observed flying to and fro with food to the nest box, so I believe its safe to assume the eggs have hatched. They are sure being kept busy, but so far there is no chick noises coming from the nest box as yet.

The cowslips I planted out last year are really doing well I am so happy to have them in my garden.

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