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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

3000 Plus New Visitors

Just wanted to thank all those who have recently visited and read my blog and an extra special thank you to all my loyal readers who keep coming back to follow what I get up to in my garden and allotment.

Last time I achieved a similar milestone I gave away some homemade produce, so I think I will do something like that again, so stay tuned for a celebratory giveaway, for all you lovely readers out there.

In the mean time please enjoy some pictures of what was blooming in the garden yesterday when I was doing some pruning maintenance to my living willow bench.

Willow buds beginning to show (so soft).

I think this is called Forsythia, which is grown as a hedge in our garden, all twiggy at this time of the year except for a riot of tiny yellow flowers.

The mini daffodils are cute as always.

And the crocuses aim to steal the show.

The lungwort can not decide what colour it likes best.

The first of the celendines are opening.

And some lazy ladybugs are still tucked in.


  1. Congratulations on reaching 3000 visitors. Looks like you've got plenty of colour in your garden, so cheery after the grey winter months.

  2. Congrats on all the visitors did pick the best time of year to come back to us as we all start to become busy bees as the new growth starts up once again. xx

  3. Hi Jo and Tanya, thanks for the congratulatory comments :)

    @ Jo Thank goodness for spring colour returning it certainly makes working in the garden more enjoyable.

    @ Tanya, isn't it amazing how quickly things get going when the season restarts, hope I can keep up ;)

  4. Congrats on 3000 Kella! And so happy to see you back x

  5. 3000+? That is downright amazing! :)
    I've been gagging for signs of spring since... oh, I think Xmas. Finally they are here, bits and bats of colour in unexpected places. My mood is getting better along with the days getting longer. How I despise winter! (well, mainly January and February, can't cope with them two!)

  6. Hope your doing well Kella. Its been a while since you've blogged x

  7. Hello Kella,
    I come by now and then...
    Wishing you and your family the Best for 2017
    Shaheen aka mangocheeks

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