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Monday, 14 February 2011

Arrgh! My Head!!!

The dreaded winter flu bugs have hit my family home and has made it's rounds to everyone at least twice in as many weeks. I was somewhat spared early on and so was the designated nurse maid but though my heart was willing my body gave up and properly succumbed to a chesty cough, a nagging headache and a general feeling of roughness these past 4 to 5 days now.

The kids are still playing musical spells of night fever, hubby and I can't sleep as we are both keeping each other awake coughing and my mum even took a sick day and if you know my mum, you would know she never takes sick days.

Well with all the nursing and being unwell myself the garden has had to wait. So I have no news regarding that development.

Today though the sun was shinning ever so beautifully this morning, that I had all plans to wrap myself up and go clear a few vege beds but I'm afraid once I had the girls breakfast sorted I was just to knackered.

I did venture out and took some photos of what new blooms are opening, I hope you enjoy them...

I told you the sun was shinning.

Still signs of last night's rainfall.

Told you the yellow crocuses would be making their appearance soon.
Doesn't the signs of spring just gladden your heart, I just can't wait for the spring to come and blow away the winter bugs.
Anyhoo, toodles for now, hope all is well and healthy in your homes,


  1. Sorry to hear you're all unwell, I hope it passes soon. We've done really well since Christmas, (touch wood). My daughter has had a bad cold and hubby had a few sniffles, but apart from that we've been fine. There's so many bugs going around at the moment too.

  2. Hope you soon feel better...I think I should have used your title for my last post!!

    Stay warm and rest up...spring is nearly sprung and then we can all get busy in the gardens again!! :-)

  3. Thanks Jo and Tanya for your get well wishes, we are all just a bit tired of feeling plum knackered all the time, but yes chin up spring will soon be here to chase those winter bugs away.

  4. Hope you and your family all feel better soon,I love your page and admire your energy and enthusiasm xxx



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