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Monday, 14 June 2010

Yep I Am Still Here

So here I am sheepishly returning to the blog world after my unannounced and I should say unplanned hiatus.

I won't go too much into detail but will say life has been very crazy for us here in Maidstone and well something had to give.

My gardening exploits this year have been challenging and that is stating mildly, for the first time ever I feel a bit like a failure in the garden and this is taking into account I have been growing things for as long as I can remember my life. It actually feels like someone has lopped off my green thumbs with a pair of secateurs and buried them deep in the compost bin.

Everything I attempt to grow seems to want to die or not grow at all and so after weeks of bitter disappointment I have conceded defeat and decided to simply look on the bright side of life... The flower garden is looking absolutely great with minimum care, the wildlife seems to relish my practically empty vege plot and are enjoying the overwintered now flowering vege plants of last year (which weren't removed as there was nothing new to put into the beds), some self sown vege plants will give me some small harvests and my gardening friends in the area have passed on a few of their extra plants to me so I'll at least have a few homegrown tomatoes this year.

I also would like to explain my apparent lack of visits to all the gardening blogs I follow but like I said Life has been very hectic and my addiction to the PC can border on chronic at times so I had to go completely cold turkey to ensure I got jobs done and deadlines met. Things are finally feeling a little less crazy around here and I look forward to catching up with all of you on your blogs (though I am sure reading them might cause me to spiral again to a low point when I see what you all have been achieving in comparison to what I haven't).

To help not make the updated post reading too long I will break them up into three smaller postings, which are under this post: The Allotment Updates, The Garden Updates and The Floral & Mini Beast Gallery.
I'll be updating my other blog as well which will also help to give you an insight into whats been keeping me so busy.


  1. Nice to see you back, Kella. Life does get in the way of blogging sometimes and that's the way it should be. I think everyone's having a bit of a funny year this year, everything's way behind because of the cold start to the year, and most people have lost something to the frost. Try to look on the bright side, there's always next year.

  2. Hi Kella,
    Sorry your garden isn't as last years success, I admire you for getting stuck in and growing your own food. That's great that your husband gets stuck in with you. Great pictures!

  3. Hiya Kella, fab to see you back. I do know how you feel, life is manic manic manic at the moment isn't it. You would think more sunlight hours would mean more time to get stuff done but there still doesn't seem enough hours in the day. We have had casualties on the allotment too, birds eating things, little maggot things in the onions, not enough rain gggrrr. Yours looks fab compared to ours so be proud of what you have done. Take care x ohh by the way there is a blog award for you at my blog :-)

  4. well I read this one last which maybe was backwards but never mind...good to see you back on your blog Kella....but whether you post weekly or yearly I will always find time to catch up with you!!

    As for catching up on gardening blogs...don't worry about being too overwhelmed by your lack of success...everyone is struggling with the weird weather!!

  5. Hi there Kella,
    Ultimately family come first.

    But i am pleased to hear form you as it has been awhile. We'll be waiting here for you when your ready for blog time. Warmest of wishes.

  6. Hi everyone, thanks for checking out the blog even if I am so tardy with my posting.

    Jo, I am trying to do just that look on the bright side but it can be a little hard at time but i will endeavour to do just that, look on the bright side.

    Eve, yeah its just bad luk this year, it happens from time to time but this is my first reall unsuccessful year and it take a bit of swallowing to get it down.

    As for hubby joing me, it is generally under duress ;) which is just as well as he is more likely to pull out my plants than the weeds if he actively volunteers to help :) But his help is gratefully welcomed for the bigger more demanding jobs, which is wher he comes into his own as general demolition man :)

    Scented Sweetpeas, its great to be back of sorts, I really miss blogging and blog hopping when I am not actively doing it. And you are so right the longer daylight hours haven't helped to get more things done at all, shame :(

    Thanks for the award I'll accept it properlly with a blog entry soon.

    Tanya, yeah the weird weather is ceratinly baffling the plants thats for sure, thanks for sticking around to read my updates even though they have become infrequent.

    Mangocheeks, how are things was your blog holiday a good rest, sorry I wasn't around to welcome you back. Thanks for also being patient with me, once things calm down around here (I hope), I would be back to my blogging self again.

    Keep well everyone,
    Kella ♥

  7. hey kella, nice to see you back even if it's just for a little bit. i really enjoy your blog so it is nice to hear from you again. life does sneak in there doesn't it, but understandably it takes priority so don't fret! don't worry about your veggies either. like jo says, there is always next year x



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