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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A long Overdue Thank You and a Quick Nesting Bird Update

So the pot might have seen like an ideal site but it being on the ground with no foliage cover was plainly a bad idea (seems the birds that choose to nest in my garden aren't of the very clever sort see postings from last year, a further search for collard doves in my search widget in the right hand column will point you in the direction of how that story turned out).

Anyhoo!! Last evening while preparing dinner I saw the inevitable getting ready to play itself out, a local cat was obviously aware of the family and was canvassing the joint for a quick and free meal, so I chased it away and took a circle of chicken wire that normally stands around my strawberry tower and placed it around the nesting site.

I'm hoping with this in place I have at least increased the chances of the adult's survival and maybe the chicks as well when they fledge. It should create a somewhat safer approach to the urns opening.

I took this picture this morning and I swear not five minutes later the same culprit from yesterday showed up all sneaky to try his luck, well I again frightened him off. My eldest of course told me I should not move from the window all day, as if !!

I have done all I can do, its up to the little birdies to use their wits now to out smart the cat/s in the area, of which there are many that use my garden as their personal highway.

Now for a long overdue thank you for two awards given to me by two separate bloggers.

Thank you Tanya of Allotment 4 You and Jo of The Good Life
I am most sorry for my delay in receiving these awards but life sometimes gets in the way at times.
So to receive this award the rules are:
  • Besides linking back to those who gave it to you,
  • I also have to list 7 random things about myself:
  1. I wanted to be a vet when I grew up, all the subjects I took right up to leaving high school was to that aim and somehow I became a nurse?!?!?
  2. I can't swim.
  3. My favourite colour is GREEN.
  4. I have trouble remembering my age (I generally have to think of hubby's and then take way 3, which of course makes me look like I am fibbing if I was asked by an official).
  5. I also have trouble remembering the date of my wedding, I can remember the year and the month but the day escapes me every time, so I have it stored on my phone and in my wallet.
  6. I was once a member of Green Peace.
  7. When I do a cartwheel now I see ***stars ***
  • Now to pass these lovely awards onto some of the many blogs that I enjoy perusing.

Maureen of Allotment Heaven
Ali of
Ali's Allotment Plots

Read's Allotment Retreat
Helen of Back Garden Allotmenteer
Steph of The Green Grower

Mrs Jones of From Weeds to Seeds
Gardening Mum of Little Garden Helpers

I'll be sure to pop along later and leave a little message on your blogs to let you all know I have passed these on to you, well unless you see it first :)

PS I have updated my other blog to if you would like to take a peek.


  1. congrats on your awards!
    that cat looks monsterous! like a tiger! x

  2. Well done you for saving those little birdies, they may be stupid but I bet they are really cute :-) Loving your facts, I also have problems remember by age and deliberatly bypass birthdays as I prefer to forget my age, it is only a number anyway :-) I also can't remember our wedding date, I know the month and year but not date, my mum has to remind me :-o Congrats on the awards.

  3. Hi Kella...glad you liked the awards and some interesting things there...we have quite a bit in common...I never remember my age and have to count back from my hubby however is just three years older. i never remember my wedding date....don't know why as I'm usually pretty good with dates and i too can't swim.

    Thanks for the heads up on the urn bird box...I will maybe have a re-think or see if i can attach one to the wall somehow. I hope the birds do ok...I have cats and love my cats and i know it's nature but it's often tiresome when they take wildlife...but i guess the instinct is in all of us.

    Well keep us updated on the progress.

  4. Glad that you have accepted the awards, I love reading your blog. You have listed some interesting facts, I always have to work out my age from the year that I was born. I hope the birds survive. As much as I love cats, they are such pests around birds.

  5. Hi Everyone,

    glad to know that I am not the only one to forget my birthday and other memorable dates, we are all in good company I say ;)

    And just to keep you all up to date on the birdies all is still well and they are being fed loads by mummy and daddy great tit.

    Thanks for popping by and for all your comments.

  6. Hi Kella, we are back from the Isle of Wight (today) and I am trying to catch up on my blogs. I hope the birds make it, you are very caring and a good protector so they stand a very good chance.
    Thank you so much for the awards and I apologise for not finding the time yet to put the other one on, but I will 'HONEST' as soon as I can.
    M x

  7. haha! That cat is busted. Hope the birdies make it through ok. It was great reading about you and I get "stars" too when I do cartwheels. :)

  8. Hi Maureen, hope you had a great trip, its OK about the awards, no pressure if you get the time to post about them thats cool and if not thats cool too, just wanted you to know that I enjoy reading your blog.

    I will drop you an email soon, promise :)

    Hi Leslie, its lovely having you drop in and visit my blog. I love doing cartwheels but they don't seem to love me much any more, isn't it a bummer how age tries to take away simple joys sometimes.

    A quick update on the bird front, all is still well, no more signs of the cat, and according to what I have read they should be fledging sometime from mid next week so I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

  9. Hi Kella, here is eldest sweetpeas blog, he is really loving doing it :-)

    I hope you are well and your garden is ok after those frosts :-(

  10. Oh my were in the same boat, well almost. We have just discoved a nest of 4 baby robyns and the mom and pop have been feeding them daily. We have a cat and have been hoping she has not discovered them yet. There in a tree right off our deck and our cat climbs this tree all the time. I think it will only be a few more days before they leave the nest. Heres hoping all the birds are spared from the cats!

  11. Scented Sweetpeas,
    thanks for the link, I have popped in to visit his blog but haven't yet commented. He's doing well. This week though I haven't been visiting much blogs due to time constraints but I'll be sure to leave him a comment when I get to his again.

    This maybe old news now but the garden survived those late frosts with no ill effects.

    Hi Lyn,
    lovely to see you my way again. Its really cool to get to see wildlife get on with their private lives so close to home doesn't it?

    I have updates to post about re my Great tit family, so no spoilers today, how did your Robins fair?

    M X

  13. Maureen, I'm here, I'm here, just bogged down with too much things to do. Hope to break the water's surface on Wednesday next week. Then a blog reading marathon can occur.

    Thanks for checking in, keep sweet.



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